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Why a Layer 2 Switch Needs an IP Address

Let’s start by explaining what a layer 2 switch is. A layer 2 switch is a particular type of device or network that does two things. Firstly, it operates on the data link layer, also referred to as the IOS Layer 2.  And secondly, it uses MAC information to determine the path through which the frames are to be forwarded. 

The switch makes use of switching techniques to transport information in a LAN. You might also come across layer 2 switches being called multiport bridges.

It is important to configure a layer 2 switch with an IP address for it to be managed remotely. This type of management permits access to the switch through SNMP, SSH, and Telnet (among others).

The IP address of the layer 2 switch permits it to transit, as well as receive, frames to devices on the network. This also allows the switch to act as a default gateway.


Why your IP address needs to be safeguarded 

With millions of people using the internet in today's world, it has become a hotspot for criminal activity. Spies and cybercriminals use hacking to gain access to your information online. There are main ways in which hacking occurs, firstly via passwords and secondly via IP addresses. 

Many internet users are aware of the importance of password security, however, most are unaware of how much your IP address can reveal about you. With yours, a hacker can access your device and information and use this to commit a crime in your name. Additionally, these are also linked to your physical location and hackers can burgle your home.


Using a VPN will keep you safe


You may be wondering how you can keep yourself out of danger. That’s easy: use a VPN. VPNs provide you with three main advantages: online anonymity, data encryption, and avoiding geo-blocking. In order to achieve these, VPN’s make use of servers and encryption protocols. This protects your information as it travels back and forth between your device and the internet. When you link your device to a VPN server, you become anonymous online. You are given the IP address of the server so that your real one is kept hidden.

Our VPN employs a zero-log policy, which means that we do not keep track of your online activity. We do not keep logs of the following: IP addresses, browser history, and downloads. Since no logs are kept, nothing you do online is linked back to you or your IP address.

VPN Unlimited uses the latest VPN and encryption protocols to make sure that your data and information are safeguarded against both hackers and third parties. These protocols are the best that are available at the moment. 

If you are on the lookout for additional protection, you can get VPN Unlimited along with Passwarden and other security as part of our MonoDefense security bundle. This way, you are safe in every possible way online.

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