How to Get the Most Out of Personal VPN Servers and Personal Static IPs

Personal static IP and Personal VPN server features of VPN Unlimited can easily become lifesavers for those in the know. But what exactly are their benefits? And how to claim them? Keep reading to find out!

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How Your IP Address Threatens Your Privacy, and How VPN Servers Mitigate This

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IP (Internet Protocol) address is assigned to your device when you connect to the internet. Among other things, this label is used to identify you in the network. This is where the pitfall lies - anyone knowing your IP address, knows everything about you:

  • your geolocation and movement in real time
  • your online activities
  • sites you visit
  • content you view
  • services you use
  • wares you buy, etc.

You’d probably agree that all this info isn’t something you’d like to see in the wrong hands, e.g. hackers, spies, or datasellers. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern-day technologies allow third parties to utilize all the mentioned data to:

  • Learn your habits and preferences
  • Build an extensive database on you for marketing and ad-targeting purposes
  • Restrict your access to certain content based on your location (also called geo-blocking) or network rules

VPN servers are the solution to these issues. Once you connect to one, your real IP address becomes “masked” behind the IP of the VPN server. This is as far as anyone would be able to trace your activities. Using VPN servers , your real identity effectively becomes invisible to all observers.

Benefits of Buying Personal Static IP for VPN Unlimited

Secure Internet Banking

VPN Unlimited encrypts all the sensitive information transmitted from your device via the internet. As you can imagine, protecting banking data this way sounds like a good plan. Alas, it’s not that simple - banks don’t like it when you access your account from different IPs every time (which is the case when using common dynamic IPs of a VPN).

Learn how to apply VPN protection to your banking with personal static IP!

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Worldwide Mailbox Protection

Similar to internet banking, many mailing services consider you accessing your account from an unfamiliar IP address to be a suspicious activity. Similar to internet banking, you win a lot by protecting your online traffic (including credentials, email’s text, sender’s data) from unauthorized third parties.

See how to secure your mailbox using VPN Unlimited and personal static IP address!

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Smooth and Unrestricted File Sharing

Nowadays, file sharing is a great way to get and, well, share any information you need - personal photos, computer programs, business documents, etc. No wonder why it sucks to face issues with this, like content restrictions or geo-blocking.

While VPNs solve many of the problems, their common shared IPs create certain challenges of their own. Learn which, and how personal static IP tackles them!

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Bypassing Censorship to Access Blocked Resources

Despite all the technological progress of the world, there are still regions that tightly censor the internet. Countries like UAE, China, Russia, etc. monitor and restrict their netizens access to certain “harmful” resources and content. Luckily, VPN Unlimited is there to help its users circumvent such constraints.

Learn how to break free from online censorship using personal static IP!

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Secure Smart Home

IoT and smart home have been hot topics for some time now. Still, an average netizen is not too well-informed about their hidden hazards. What are those, and how to protect yourself from them? Learn inside!

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Avoid Unjust Bans

Using shared IP addresses (like those granted by most VPN services) is fine and dandy. You and thousands of other users of any given shared IP all get your internet privacy and anonymity. But what if one of the users does something shady (piracy, website rules violation, etc.) and gets the shared IP banned on a popular resource? Then, all of a sudden, none of you will be able to access it!

Learn how to prevent undeserved bans with a personal static IP!

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Clean IP for Online Communication

Access to websites and services is not the only thing on the line when using shared IP. Another is your online reputation itself. For instance, your IP can end up on online spam lists, effectively preventing you from certain activities like emailing. See what the other threats are and how personal static IP can protect you!

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Avoid Annoying CAPTCHA Routine

Last but not the least, having thousands of people simultaneously use the same IP address can easily trigger Google’s suspicions. This can result in you getting a CAPTCHA screen (you know, the “select-all-squares-with-some-stuff” or “I’m-not-a-robot” boxes) every time you’re trying to use Google’s services.

Learn how to avoid CAPTCHA with personal static IP!

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How to Get Personal VPN Servers for VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers you over 40 personal VPN server locations to choose from. This means that you can easily find the server that best suits your needs. Want one located near you to minimize ping? No problem. Need a server in a specific country to unlock some local content? Easy!

To get a personal VPN server:

  • Choose a personal VPN server and a subscription plan.
  • Log in your VPN Unlimited account using your KeepSolid ID.
  • Your new personal VPN server is now available in the app’s server list.

Benefits of Buying Personal VPN Server for VPN Unlimited

Higher Internet Speed

Shared VPN servers, like those that you can see in the General tab of VPN Unlimited server list, are great in many ways. But, there are certain inconveniences with them as well. The most common is the internet speed drops that can occur when too many users connect to the same shared server.

Learn why personal VPN servers are an obvious and the most efficient solution to this!

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Protection from Collateral Damage

Another potential danger of sharing a VPN server with other users is related to cyber attacks. You see, sometimes hackers aim at specific victims based on their IP address. So anyone using the same server will automatically become target to collateral damage.

See how to protect yourself from server-wide attacks with personal VPN server!

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High-Performance, Unrestricted Gaming

Gamers worldwide have long been using VPN Unlimited to play titles that are unavailable in their regions, or to access foreign servers and play with their overseas friends. But sooner or later comes the moment when common VPN servers can no longer satisfy their gaming needs.

This is where personal VPN servers cut in, offering enhanced performance, freedom, and security of your online matches.

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Enhance your online experience with VPN Unlimited!

Buy Personal Static IP Address or Personal VPN Server and enjoy the best security, privacy, performance, and anonymity that VPNs have to offer.