Secure, Unrestricted, and Smooth File Sharing via VPN with a Personal IP

In today’s world of handheld devices, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets requires a corresponding level of information and services availability. More than ever before, people all over the world are demanding steady access to their files, at any time and from any device - via file sharing. 

That is why online file sharing services become essential for any business to operate on a global scale, and for any individual to share and access required files. Sure, email works too, but as it turns out, most have size limits that are always getting in the way of sharing files through them.

File-sharing issues

Some governments roadblock access to certain content on the internet. Even if this does not seem like that big of a deal in your country, it is a widespread matter globally. Another challenging issue is that file sharing may pose a threat to your private data or even your identity if done haphazardly. 

Anonymous and secure file sharing via VPN

The solution? Using best VPNs for file sharing! A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to bypass filters and restrictions as well as protect your identity and data.

Best VPNs for file sharing, such as VPN Unlimited, offer a variety of servers. When you connect to one of them you get a shared IP address by default. This means there will be hundreds or even thousands of users having the same IP. For the most part, a shared IP address works fine for file sharing via VPN, but it has its shortcomings.

Shared IP is no silver bullet for file sharing

If you use hyperlinks to distribute or download files, a shared IP is not a good choice. The main reason is that when file sharing services usually place limitations on the speed and the number of downloads from one IP address. 

For example, if a certain number of users have already downloaded a file, you may find yourself unable to download it and be asked to wait till the next day. You can imagine why this can be a problem when file sharing over VPN. Among its millions of users, you can well expect to have others who're using the same file sharing service with this VPN. Not a positive scenario, is it?

Personal IP - the best solution for file sharing via VPN

We at KeepSolid know how to avoid “Please, try later” notifications when file sharing. We offer you our top-notch VPN solution — a personal IP address. It will become your brand new secure online identity, and will allow you to get files whenever you need them with the fastest possible download speed. You own the exclusive rights to it. 

A personal IP address gives you a far greater control, flexibility, and better performance when file sharing via VPN. Choose a country, purchase your own dedicated IP address, and get unlimited access to your files from anywhere in the world. Enjoy this out-of-the-box solution for file sharing with VPN Unlimited.

Personal IP is  the most secure method to unblock file-sharing services without disclosing your identity or leaking your sensitive information to the internet. VPN Unlimited will protect your personal data from unauthorized access, and allow you to enjoy limitless and seamless file sharing.

How to get the best VPN for file sharing

  1. Download VPN Unlimited for free 
  2. Sign in to the app with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one
  3. Purchase Personal VPN Server or Personal Static IP
  4. Open the VPN server list located under the START button
  5. Connect to your personal VPN server or IP

Benefits of file sharing

It is obvious there is a great variety of uses for file-sharing services. For example, you may want to download some cool music, a book or a video for your studies, or a computer program (no piracy, mind you!) quickly and without standby between downloads. Or you may need to store your huge files for an unlimited time and share it with your colleagues, friends, or whoever else.

According to a survey, 3 out of 5 users have to use file sharing and syncing services to access work documents even on vacation. The reason for such popularity is the speed and flexibility that file sharing provides, and the high productivity in a mobile world it enables. 

Fueled by users’ requirements for anytime and anywhere access to files, the usage of file-sharing services is likely to grow steadily. Hence, when you need to work together with your team across the boundaries of physical location, the issue of barrier-free access to work documents becomes more critical. That’s what makes file sharing via VPN so handy.

Anonymous and secure file sharing via VPN on any device

VPN Unlimited offers easy-to-use apps for all major systems: 

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