Building Your Personal Smart Home Security

Now, we are entering the era of the Internet of Things and smart home technologies. Intelligent devices are moving into every segment of society, creating new breeds of services. We are generating data, receiving information, and communicating in real time with our devices and each other from anywhere, at any time. This technological development gives a strong rise to the demographic of smart home users.

With more than 13 billion connected devices in the world and more than 5 million new devices being connected to the internet each day, the amount of data smart fridges, light bulbs, thermostats, smart home security systems, etc. collect and send online is just amazing. A growing number of gadgets is connecting to the internet to make possible new forms of remote management and automation.

However, the vulnerability of IoT devices has been a trending topic for quite a while. Some say there is a risk of smart appliances forming an IoT botnet (Internet of Things botnet) that’ll be used for illicit purposes. 

In this article, we reveal the following questions: 

  • What is smart home security? 
  • Are smart home devices secure? 
  • How to make your smart home secure using VPN Unlimited? 

Let’s get to it!

Are smart home devices secure

The frightening truth about the state of the overall IoT security is that the majority of the data shared by our devices and home networks is exposed to anyone who cares to look for it. The increasing expansion of smart home technologies enables a new wave of over-the-internet attacks, cryptojacking, IoT hacking, such as breaking in baby monitors or stealing your Gmail password from your fridge.

So, if you don’t bother to set up proper WiFi protection, you make your gadgets open to such vulnerabilities and more. One of the high-profile examples is always-on surveillance. There are many manufacturers who build “always-on” audio sensors into devices with a network connection, like Barbie dolls, TV sets, and game consoles. This opens the possibility for cyber criminals to easily discover these devices, compromise them, and use them as their own eyes and ears. A brutal smart home security breach, isn’t it?

Of course, you can turn off your WiFi or unlink some devices from your home network, but then what’s the point of buying all these controllers and robotic stuff?


What smart home security is and how to secure your smart home

It’s very hard to say where privacy ends, and where security starts. You really don’t have many options to control where your data is sent and where it is stored. So, don’t risk your identity. We have a well-trusted solution for you, a VPN Unlimited service. The strategy of our team is fighting for safe access to the open internet. 


Rock-solid encryption for smart home security

We studiously reevaluate possible threats to provide you with high-quality service and strong protection. That is why we offer extremely secure 256-bit traffic encryption. Our top-notch app uses both methods depending on the protocol and operating system to ensure the best security and performance.


Personal IP address for smart home security

Moreover, with our personal IP address offering, you can rest assured that all your connected devices, as well as your personal data, are absolutely safe from adversaries. First of all, a personal VPN's static IP means it belongs to you solely. This will ensure that no one from another IP address will be able to access your network. The unique and clean personal IP will become your brand new secure online identity. It gives you far greater control, flexibility, and better performance, as a whole.


Remote connection for smart home security

You also can remotely connect to your home network using your secure personal IP address. Just assign it to your router as a trusted IP address and be free to check if your children are playing online games instead of doing their homework, or control the heat level in the house.

How to make your smart home secure

Step 1

Install VPN Unlimited on your device and set up VPN on your home router.


Step 2

Go to the Personal IP page and follow our instructions to get your personal IP address. 


Step 3

Assign your personal IP to your home router as a trusted IP address and enjoy complete smart home security!

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Lock your smart home securely with a Personal IP address from VPN Unlimited.