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How to Buy at Safeway if You Are Outside the US

Safeway is an American supermarket chain founded in American Falls, US. The chain provides groceries, and general merchandise and includes several specialty departments such as a bakery, delicatessen, flower stores, and pharmacies, as well as cafés and fuel centers. One can almost buy everything from there! Following the organic trend, stores increased the number of organic fruits and vegetables, which are ordered in high volume nowadays.

In addition to these contents, Safeway, which often offers special discounts to its customers, also offers extra discounts and campaigns if you buy a market card and become a member. Finally, it has been offering online order services to its customers for a long time.


How to Order from Safeway Outside the US Using VPN

Safeway has thousands of stores in the west and center of the US and in Canada. However, lot more citizens in various countries outside the US want to buy some groceries from this brand. Unfortunately, they cannot access the website of Safeway and order food. If you are one of these customers who cannot buy stuff from Safeway, VPN Unlimited, which offers many server services around the world, comes to your aid in this situation! Let’s see how to buy from Safeway if you are outside the US:


How to Use VPN Unlimited to Buy From Saatchi Outside

  1. Get KeepSolid VPN Unlimited to your device.
  2. Create an account for yourself or use an existing one.
  3. Connect a server from the US. VPN Unlimited provides numerous servers from the US!
  4. Then, push the START button and enjoy the connection from the US.
  5. Following these steps, you should create an account on Safeway to give an order!
  6. Now you are ready to order from Safeway if you are outside the US!


VPN Unlimited, Qualified VPN Solution at Your Service

VPN Unlimited uses a military-level 256-bit version of the AES protocol for data encryption. Basically, data encryption is a process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it. 

So, via this protocol and some others, VPN Unlimited opens an encrypted (in the sense of crypto) tunnel to the opposite network from where your computer is physically located. Since the information is transmitted through this encrypted tunnel, any information cannot be viewed or tracked from the outside.

Benefits of Using VPN Unlimited

Zero-log Policy

It's not limited to that, though! Like VPN Unlimited, we apply the zero-log policy. So even VPN Unlimited doesn't keep logs of your online activity. To explain more, we hide your actions online from other users, as well as make them untraceable by our own system and offer you unlimited privacy!

Expert Workload Analysis

VPN Unlimited regularly checks the server densities and directs you to the most optimal one, that is, the fastest server for you. Thus, you can browse the internet both quickly and securely.

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