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Get to Know VPN Unlimited

Making impeccable security and privacy affordable since 2013

Our Mission

We aim to provide users all over the world with the most reliable and helpful cyber-security solutions. VPN Unlimited utilizes top-of-the-game technologies and KeepSolid’s extensive experience to keep user data secure, and users - protected, private, and free on the internet.


Our Core Values

  • The quality of the final product is what’s most important. Profits merely reflect users’ happiness with VPN Unlimited, they shouldn’t be the goal in itself.
  • Focus on growth and development. We shall never get complacent and rest on our laurels - we will always strive to improve and enhance VPN Unlimited.
  • Think about the future. Short-term plans and solutions should always be based on the existing long-term strategy.
  • Pleasure of simplicity. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use VPN Unlimited. It’s super intuitive to pick up, with a transparent onboarding process that ensures that you can get started right away.
  • Aesthetic satisfaction. The user’s desire to engage with VPN Unlimited and keep using it is the highest praise for our company. 

Our History

Early years

VPN Unlimited first launched on iOS in November 2013. Back then, it only had two servers - in the US and Netherlands. However, the app stood out from the crowd because it was among the few VPNs that didn’t limit user bandwidth and traffic. We instantly saw how relevant, essential, and in-demand it was. VPN Unlimited became the company’s flagship product in less than a year.

Following the initial success, we decided to focus on broadening our horizons. By 2014, VPN Unlimited extended the number of supported platforms to macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux, in addition to the originally available iOS. We also established 36 new servers in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Romania. 

Additionally, in 2014 we collaborated with StackSocial to distribute the app there. VPN Unlimited ended up topping its Bestsellers List for years to come.

VPN Unlimited achieved momentum and wasn’t going to slow down. In 2015, we increased the number of VPN servers to a whopping 230 servers in 44 regions worldwide. We also added Windows Phone support to the list. It was great to see our hard work pay off, with the app hitting 2.5 million downloads.

Maturity years

2016 to us was a year of experiments. For instance, we collaborated with FlashRouters so that they could sell routers with built-in VPN functionality. As part of another project, we released an SDK for VPN Unlimited, so that third-party developers could implement its features into their apps. Finally, we released an important v.4.0 update that introduced KeepSolid Wise to users.

Also, we recognized the need for VPN Unlimited as a browser extension, considering that sometimes users needed to send only a specific portion of their traffic via the VPN tunnel. Versions of the app for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome paved the way.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to protect our users and their data. So as soon as we heard about a new, super-fast, secure, and reliable VPN protocol called WireGuard®, we knew we had to implement it in our app, even though the protocol itself was still in beta at that point. We also had legal achievements that year, like registering a trademark for VPN Unlimited® at the federal level in the US.

In 2020, we launched our MonoDefense bundle and, naturally, included VPN Unlimited in it as our flagship product. It was about that same time that VPN Unlimited’s userbase reached an astounding 25 million customers.

Our Technologies


This technology is your first line of protection online. To protect your web traffic and personal information from snoopers and hackers, VPN Unlimited encrypts it. For this, we use AES-256 - a military-grade encryption technology that protects all information you send to the internet.   

VPN servers

Our users’ online freedom is paramount to us. That’s why we established over 3000 VPN servers spread across 80+ locations worldwide so that you can always find one that suits your needs. Your network bans websites located in another country? Connect to a server of that country. Can’t access a streaming service? Try our dedicated streaming servers. Your bank doesn’t allow dynamic IP addresses? Check out our Personal servers with static IPs!

VPN protocols

VPN protocols are a set of technologies that allow VPNs to establish a secure and private connection between a user’s device and the web. These technologies differ in certain characteristics - some are faster, some are more secure, some offer better mobile support, etc. Each protocol has its uses, so VPN Unlimited offers several VPN protocols that you can switch on the fly. 

KeepSolid Wise

VPN Unlimited’s proprietary VPN protocol, KeepSolid Wise was developed to fight even the harshest and most vigilant VPN blocking. You see, sometimes a site, service, or network may decide to ban any VPNs whatsoever from accessing it. So if you ever notice that VPN Unlimited isn’t working as intended, switch to KeepSolid Wise in the list of VPN protocols.


MonoDefense is a bundle that features KeepSolid’s best products for online security, privacy, anonymity, and freedom. It embodies our vie for providing netizens with a completely safe internet experience. So check out MonoDefense if you want an all-around, cost-efficient solution that offers a set-and-forget system of key apps. 

Extra benefits

One of the important aspects of VPN Unlimited that we’ve prioritized is flexibility and choice. That’s why we offer several optional features to choose from:

  • Personal server - for those who wish to get all the capabilities of a VPN server to themselves and to get a server that’s not been used before
  • Static IP address - for use with websites and networks that don’t allow dynamic IP addresses, e.g. certain banking services
  • Additional devices - by default, you can use one VPN Unlimited subscription on up to 5 devices, but this number can be easily extended
  • VPN for teams - for those who need to protect their whole team or business with a VPN
  • VPN Unlimited Lifetime - the most cost-efficient way to get VPN Unlimited forever with a one-time payment

Our Team

Vasiliy Ivanov, Founder

In the industry since 2003, he co-founded KeepSolid in 2013. Vasiliy focuses on establishing and executing the company’s strategy and facilitating business development. He is a charismatic leader and idea generator, believing that only a customer-oriented product can become truly successful.

Vasyl Diakonov, CTO

Vasyl began his career as a Linux systems administrator but soon turned his attention to IT development and architecture. As the company's advisor in cryptography and back-end tech, he always strives to keep VPN Unlimited at the forefront of innovation.

Oleg Bocharnikov, CFO and Co-Founder

Having worked in IT since 1999, Oleg co-founded KeepSolid in 2013 together with Vasiliy Ivanov. He took up the role of the Chief Financial Officer, helping the business to run efficiently.

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