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Basics of the VPN Unlimited No-Log Policy

In the digital age, online anonymity and data protection are of utmost importance. VPN providers play a pivotal role in safeguarding user privacy, and a no-logs policy is a fundamental aspect in ensuring the security of your online identity. KeepSolid, the team behind VPN Unlimited, takes this commitment seriously, as reflected in their no-logs VPN policy.

No-Log VPN Policy: Your Privacy is Our Priority

VPN Unlimited adheres to a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that no records of your online activities are associated with your account, email, device, or IP address. This commitment to user privacy means that unauthorized parties and cybercriminals cannot gain access to your private data. The following information is not logged during your VPN session:

  • Browsing history 
  • Connection times
  • Metadata 
  • Downloads 
  • Server usage 
  • Data content 
  • IP address*

In addition to these obligations, we also ensure the confidentiality of your DNS queries. We do NOT store or log the DNS queries you send to ensure your privacy and security. However, we may collect anonymous statistics on these queries for DNS firewall and threat detection purposes. These statistics are not associated with specific users and do not contain personal information. This approach allows us to enhance our security measures without compromising your privacy.

For more information, you can always check out our Privacy Policy and Data Usage Regulations.

*During a VPN session, the VPN server stores your IP address in memory only to ensure the proper work of the app. We do not store your IP address after your VPN session ends.

FAQ about No-Log VPN and Collectable Data

What does a zero-log VPN mean?

An app log is generally meant a list consisting of application info, system performance, and user activities in this service. A VPN log, in turn, includes all the information that is transferred through the network. As a result, a no-log (also called zero-log) VPN implies that a VPN application doesn’t collect any private data or online activity of its users. 

A no-log VPN policy stands for the absolute anonymity of users and not saving any of their private details and online-activity data. By choosing a VPN app with such a policy, you ensure that no one (including your no-log VPN provider) encroaches on your online privacy.

Does your VPN collect the device name & number of connected devices?

Storing these data is essential to identify your device in connection with your KeepSolid ID and to enforce our device limits. 

What about email? Does your app store it?

Your email address is a must to connect you with your VPN Unlimited account and all its purchases. 

Note: This data is stored only until you delete our no-log VPN and your KeepSolid ID.

Is identification data from social networks stored?

This data is collected only from those accounts who use their Facebook or Google profile to sign in to our no-log VPN app. 

Note: This data is stored in our service ONLY during its work.

How long are IP addresses and geographic locations stored?

We store this data ONLY during your VPN session to define the location of your device and to ensure our app works properly. 

Note: This data is NOT stored after the end of your VPN session.

Are OS version, language, type of connection, and WiFi network stored in VPN Unlimited?

This data is not stored after the end of your VPN session; the name of your WiFi network is stored only in case you include it in your Trusted Networks list. Our team collects these types of data to analyze the usage of our app for administrative purposes.

Is time zone information collected by VPN Unlimited?

We collect data about your time zone ONLY for data analytics and marketing purposes. This information is NOT shared with third parties.

What about the total amount of traffic for a session and session dates?

This data is collected only if you’ve purchased a personal VPN server or static IP address. Collection of this data is important to carry out analytics and to ensure our no-log VPN works properly.

Why You Need the Ultimate No-Logs VPN App – VPN Unlimited

VPN service with a strict no-log policy is an essential tool to care about privacy. It guarantees that no one including your Internet Service or VPN provider can get access to your sensitive information and your online activity. Check out the main reasons why the zero-log policy is a foundational criterion in choosing a reliable VPN service.

Mask Your Online Activity from Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Depending on the state, ISPs can legally collect your details, monitor your online activity, and store it for a period of time. Your ISP can be obliged to share collected information with state authorities or law enforcement bodies. Using a no-log VPN you can avoid such problems.

Minimize the Amount of Targeted Advertising

Some states, including the United States, allow ISPs to sell collected data to third parties. And that is an absolutely legal way how advertisers receive your details and target their ads. Our zero-log VPN can mask your traffic and prevent massive data leakage.

To have peace of mind

A reliable no-log VPN service that abides strict zero-log policy will give a sense of security and guarantee that third parties will not be able to detect what websites you visit or what content you download. Your IP will be masked and traffic will be encrypted.

How Our Zero-Log VPN App Grants You Complete Online Anonymity

No-logs VPN policy

We are a dedicated No Logs VPN provider committed to your user privacy and digital safety. As a responsible VPN company, we adhere to strict no-logs policy, which means we don't keep connection logs, activity logs, or any user data that could compromise your online anonymity. We utilize advanced VPN protocols to protect your online presence and ensure your customer data remains confidential. In compliance with data retention laws, we maintain airtight data protection measures, safeguarding against any data breaches or unauthorized access. Your online network activity is shielded from prying eyes, and we don't collect any sensitive information that could be shared with third parties. Our commitment to your digital privacy is unwavering.


Part of cybersecurity bundle

VPN Unlimited, a component of the MonoDefense security bundle, shields all aspects of your digital life. From securing your online presence on diverse Wi-Fi networks to ensuring compatibility across various operating systems on your laptop, we eliminate buffering issues and bolster your data's safety through advanced code and robust security measures, guarding against prying eyes and unauthorized access. We are attuned to the sensitivity of your password and usage patterns, steadfast in safeguarding your digital world. Our unwavering commitment to security underpins our service, as we adhere to the industry's most stringent policies. Trust us as your dependable source of online privacy and security.

Сryptocurrency payment

Cryptocurrency payment – You can effortlessly pay for our zero-log VPN service using a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ensuring that your transaction won't track your identity, leaving no billing information or email address traceable. This guarantees your complete safety and anonymity, eliminating the need for us to record any personal information. Additionally, our service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that if you have any claims, need support, or encounter issues, we are here to answer your concerns and take the necessary steps to resolve them. Our commitment to your digital security includes regular audits to meet the highest standards of privacy and protect against potential cyberattacks and any legal laws in different jurisdictions, ensuring your data's duration remains secure.

Over 3000 VPN servers in 80+ regions

To ensure the best connection speed and performance for various services and types of online activities, it’s best to use a VPN server located near you. Alternatively, you may need a VPN server specifically located in a country that the website or service you need is restricted to. Whatever the case, you will always find the server that suits your needs, thanks to the extensive list of VPN Unlimited servers! This is a prime example of our commitment to providing none but the best, addressing any issues or files you might encounter, and offering a lot of choices for users seeking top-notch VPN services.

AES-256 encryption

AES-256 encryption, incorporating cutting-edge protocols, RAM management, protection against malware, and utilizing advanced IKEv2 and OpenVPN software, serves as the cornerstone of our security. This military-level 256-bit encryption not only ensures robust data protection but also optimizes bandwidth utilization while maintaining timestamps on data, making it invulnerable even to brute force attacks. As a testament to its reliability, the US government itself relies on this encryption method to safeguard its top-secret information.

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