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Download VPN Unlimited
On Amazon Fire TV

  • Complete security and privacy
  • 3000+ servers in 80+ locations
  • Intuitive interface
  • 7-day free trial

Check out the best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick and get access to the best movies and TV shows on any streaming and video platform!

Benefits of VPN Unlimited on
Amazon Fire TV

Hide your real IP address

One of the main benefits a user can get from a VPN solution is bypassing geographic restrictions and getting access to the full library of favorite video and streaming services. With VPN Unlimited, you can easily stream any content that can be blocked in your location.

The only thing you need to watch blocked content is to connect to one of our VPN servers.

Reliably encrypt your traffic

Today, with the rise of SmartTVs, we share our sensitive data with a lot of web services. In the age of online surveillance, we need to protect all our smart devices and control our media habits to prevent data leakages to ISPs and other third parties. For this purpose, VPN encrypts all your data transferred over the internet whatever device you use.

Level up your protection with Kill Switch

When you search for a VPN solution to use on SmartTVs or HD streaming devices, one of the main aspects you care about is connection speed. Choosing a VPN service you need a proper balance between security and swiftness. VPN Unlimited is a service where you don’t need to find a compromise and sacrifice your safety for speed. Lightning-fast VPN protocols offered on all the platforms guarantee the best possible stability and user experience.

VPN Unlimited is the Best VPN for Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a good solution to watch favorite movies and TV series. But if you care about privacy and protection, the best practice is to get a VPN app like VPN Unlimited on your device. Download and install our service from the Amazon Store on your Amazon TV Fire Stick to get all the benefits of a reliable VPN solution.

How to Download and Install VPN Unlimited on Amazon Fire TV

Go to the Amazon Appstore and download the VPN app.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
Log in to the VPN app with KeepSolid ID and choose a server you need.
Enjoy favorite shows with the fastest and the most stable connection.

Top 6 Features of VPN Unlimited on Amazon Fire TV

Absolute encryption

VPN Unlimited offers top-notch encryption algorithms like AES-256. These military-grade encryption protocols can guarantee the integrity of your data and keep your details protected from hackers, ISPs, and government bodies. How secure is the AES-256 encryption protocol? For instance, the U.S. Government uses AES-256 to protect top-secret, classified information.

3000+ servers in 80+ locations

More than 3000 servers in 80+ countries are available to connect. This allows you to get access to any geo-restricted content wherever you use Amazon Fire TV Stick without any losses in encryption or speed. Worldwide coverage ensures low ping and the absence of lags.

Unlimited devices available

With only one subscription you can use VPN Unlimited on 5 devices for free. But what’s more important, you can extend the number of used devices endlessly. The app is available on any platform: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and many others. You can also download our solution on your Fire TV Stick from the Amazon Appstore.

No speed and data limits

With VPN Unlimited you don’t have any limits on speed or data transferred over the internet. Using our app for watching TV shows or movies you will not have any lags or buffering. Using an optimal server you will be connected to the most appropriate server according to your location minimizing the losses.

Additional services

VPN Unlimited offers its users some extra features. You can get a Lifetime subscription to forget about regular charges every month or year. You can also get a Personal IP address or Server and choose the desired amount of additional devices used. By choosing a personal VPN server, you get the most blazing fast bandwidth and connection speed. Extended access to any desired content is enclosed.

Free trial and money-back guarantee

When you install the VPN Unlimited app for the first time, you get a 7-day free trial. During this period you will be able to learn all the benefits of a paid version on your own. When this period expires you will be offered to buy a plan to continue using all the features of our service.