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What is VPN?

What is KeepSolid ID?

How to create a new KeepSolid ID

What is User Office and what is it for?

So how does VPN work?

Is BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic allowed on all servers? If not, why?

Can I use your VPN instead of my current ISP connection?

What is the difference between a Proxy, SmartDNS, and a VPN service?

Will VPN Unlimited slow down my system or internet connection?

Can I increase the speed of my connection when using a VPN service?

How many servers do you have?

The server I need isn’t in the list. What can I do?

Does your app work in China?

Can I watch Max, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services abroad using VPN Unlimited?

Does VPN Unlimited protect other protocols like Mail or FTP?

I received Google's "Suspicious sign in prevented" e-mail. Why is that?

What is the Streaming region?

What streaming services do you unblock? What to do if the service I want to access is not supported?

Why is my virtual IP detected to be from a different country than the one I choose?

Do you keep the connection logs?

How to Watch BBC iPlayer with VPN Unlimited?

How to watch streaming vids with VPN Unlimited?

What are the Personal IP & Personal Server offers for? Do I need to buy one to use your service?

How many devices can I simultaneously connect to my Personal Server or Personal IP?

Is there a free trial for Personal Server and Personal IP?

Can I change the location of my Personal Server or IP? And how often?

Is IPv6 supported? How to prevent IPv6 leak?

Should I use a VPN app or a browser extension?

Can VPN Unlimited unblock Skype?

Can I use VPN Unlimited to unblock YouTube?

Can I use your VPN for gaming?

Can I set up VPN Unlimited on my Smart TV?

What is the Optimal server and how to choose it?

Does it make sense to choose the VPN server in my own country?

Can I use a VPN Unlimited on Apple TV?

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