VPN Unlimited® Speed: Does a VPN Slow Down Your Internet Connection

In a present-day reality, using a VPN application is a must for everyone who wants to keep their data safe and enjoy unrestricted internet access. Your VPN speed directly depends on your internet speed and even if this speed is super fast, the app can’t be faster. Since VPN encrypts your traffic, using such a service affects your connection speed in any case. A slight speed loss is a small price to pay for your online security and data privacy.

This speed loss can be different and it mostly depends on the various number of factors like the distance from your current location to a VPN server and a server workload. If you feel uncomfortable with your VPN connection speed, keep reading to learn how to make VPN faster.

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Why can your VPN connection be slow

Distance between you and the VPN server

The farther selected VPN server is located from your current geographical position, the slower VPN speed is

VPN server workload

The more people connected to your VPN server, the more workload increases, and the slower VPN speed is

Encryption power of selected VPN protocol

The higher bit encryptions VPN protocol uses to provide you with a greater level of security, the slower VPN speed is

What is a good VPN connection speed

In a present-day reality, the VPN connection speed of 20 Mbps or more is considered to be normal. This speed is enough for everyday tasks like online surfing, video streaming, and downloading any files. You can check your VPN server speed with lots of popular speed test services in real-time.

How to speed up a VPN connection

Change VPN server location

In order to do so, go to the Servers tab and select the VPN server that is located as close as possible to your current location. You can also run the ping test to estimate the distance between your location and our servers or connect to the Optimal server.

Change VPN server location
Change VPN protocol

Unfortunately, some networks can restrict the speed of the selected VPN protocol or the encryption methods of some protocols can be too powerful for your internet speed. Try to change VPN protocol via Menu > Settings > Protocols to get the best performance.

Change VPN protocol
Connect to the VPN server that suits your VPN needs

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® team strives to provide you with the full variety of premium features. That’s why we’ve implemented special server tabs for torrenting and streaming. Go to the Servers tab > select Torrent or Streaming > connect to the needed server and get the best VPN speed for your needs.

Connect to the VPN server that suits your VPN needs
Get personal VPN server

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