VPN Unlimited - the Best VPN for WiFi Router Modems for Home and Business

Installing VPN Unlimited to your WiFi router is a great way to share the benefits of our VPN with everyone connected to your WiFi network. 

VPN Unlimited supports the following routers: 

Why do I need a VPN on a WiFi router?

Best VPN installed on a WiFi router can be a game changer if you are concerned about your, your family’s, and your customer’s cyber-security, convenience, and freedom.

To set-and-forget security and privacy

Keeping VPN enabled on your device at all times is not always convenient. Just like any app that connects to the internet, it can drain your phone’s battery and cellular traffic. Or you may simply forget to turn it on, jeopardizing your protection. But with VPN Unlimited installed to your WiFi router, you’ll be able to forget about such issues altogether.


To go beyond the list of supported platforms

Understandably, a VPN service provider can support only so many compatible platforms. It’s possible that you may have an internet-capable device that you’d like to have protected, yet VPN Unlimited can’t be installed on it. In this case, the best solution is to install our VPN to the WiFi router that’s connected to the device in question, thus bringing the latter under VPN coverage.

To protect your whole network

Need a VPN for a home WiFi router to protect all your devices in the network at once? Or wish to provide your clients and employees connected to your corporate WiFi network with the security, privacy, and anonymity of a full-fledged VPN? All that without any additional effort on their part? Installing VPN Unlimited to your WiFi router is the best way to do so!

To cover unlimited devices

You can connect an unlimited number of devices to one VPN Unlimited account. When you install our VPN on your WiFi router, it only takes up one of its slots, no matter how many devices are connected to your network. You literally get more for the same price. And connect as many devices as your router can handle.

How to connect to VPN Unlimited installed on a WiFi router

Step 2

Connect your device to your WiFi router with built-in VPN

Step 3

Enjoy security and unlimited access to any content with the best VPN for routers!

Buying a WiFi router with built-in VPN vs installing it yourself

Which is better: to get a WiFi router that comes with a pre-installed VPN, or to configure a VPN on your current WiFi router? There are a few pros and cons to both options.

Pros and cons of installing VPN Unlimited to your WiFi router

Pros of installing VPN Unlimited to your WiFi router

  • You have full control over all the settings - VPN protocols to use, VPN servers to connect to, any additional features to enable, or network restrictions to impose
  • You don’t have to overpay for buying a new WiFi router, since you can install VPN Unlimited to an existing one
  • There is no middle-man - you can communicate with VPN Unlimited customer support directly, ensuring that all your inquiries and issues are addressed and resolved swiftly and efficiently

Cons of installing VPN Unlimited to your WiFi router

  • You have to do the configuration yourself (although our technical support team is always happy to guide you through the whole process)

Pros and cons of buying a WiFi router with built-in VPN


Pros of buying a WiFi router with built-in VPN

  • The heavy-lifting has already been done for you
  • The WiFi router can offer features designed with the built-in VPN in mind

Cons of buying a WiFi router with built-in VPN

  • Such routers tend to be quite pricey
  • You’ll have little to no flexibility in terms of switching VPN protocols and other settings
  • WiFi routers with built-in VPNs are quite rare, limiting your choice to possibly less appealing options
  • In general, a VPN that comes with a router offers less functionality compared to a full-fledged one

FAQ on best VPN for WiFi routers

What WiFi router works best with VPN Unlimited?

How do I set up a specific VPN protocol on my WiFi router?

How to find the IP address of my WiFi router?

I can’t install VPN Unlimited to a supported WiFi router

VPN Unlimited - the best VPN for your WiFi router

Install VPN to your WiFi router and share all the benefits of VPN Unlimited with everyone on your WiFi network, be it your friends and family, or clients and employees.