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Download VPN for Mac

macos Mojave 10.14 or later
  • Strong Protection and Unlimited Online Access
  • Intuitive and User-Friendly VPN for Mac
  • Thousands of Servers in 80+ Locations
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Download our macOS VPN app from the Mac App Store or standalone to protect your privacy and try unlimited and secure web surfing everywhere and anytime with your Macbook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and other macOS!

Download VPN for macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher

Download VPN for macOS Mojave 10.14

Download VPN for OS X El Capitan

Download VPN for OS X Mavericks

Note: VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

VPN Unlimited - Your Personal VPN for MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini

Watch your favorite streaming media wherever you are

VPN Unlimited offers you a choice of dedicated Streaming servers, designed to access the rich media libraries of Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, and Max. Download VPN for Mac and binge-watch your favorite TV shows and series anywhere!

Enjoy unmatched reliability of VPN connection without drops on macOS

Our team implemented a highly secure Kill Switch feature that turns off your MacBook’s Wi-Fi connection if something goes wrong with your VPN app. VPN Unlimited also features security protocols that grant you stable internet traffic without VPN connection drops. So turn on Kill Switch, protect your sensitive information, and keep your Mac free of any accidental internet disruptions.

Whitelist trusted WiFi networks you consider secure for your MacBook

Create your own list of trusted WiFi networks in our VPN for Mac. Your VPN connection will be automatically disabled once you connect to any of these networks. Download VPN Unlimited, use WiFi networks that you consider safe for your internet and freedom, and avoid connection speed loss with the best VPN app on Mac.

How to Get VPN Unlimited on Mac

Download VPN Unlimited
Establish internet connection to a VPN server
Browse the web wherever you are

To learn how to download a standalone version of VPN Unlimited on macOS, please refer to our Manuals. Choose MacBook as your platform and follow the steps given in the installation wizard. If you need any help, please check our FAQ or contact our Support team.


Ultimate Security with Best VPN on MacBook Air


Protect your Mac Air on public WiFi networks

VPN Unlimited offers you end-to-end encryption and super fast security protocols that encipher your internet connection logs and protect your device even on public WiFi networks.

Mask your online activity on MacBook and enjoy the web

Download VPN Unlimited and connect to any VPN server location to hide your real IP address and access the web without speed restrictions. Works with both normal internet connection and mobile and WiFi networks!

Experience lightning-fast internet connection with VPN for Mac Air

VPN Unlimited provides you with the best connection speeds without VPN connection drops. This is thanks to a huge list of VPN servers all over the world and a range of VPN security protocols to choose from.

Why Use VPN Unlimited for Mac

VPN Unlimited allows you to rely on your MacBook Pro / Mini for everything. Our VPN app is a powerful solution for internet freedom, security, and privacy for your Mac computers. With it, you can access any website you like, enjoy browsing without speed restrictions and connection drops, and get unlimited access to any resource you wish.

Use the VPN Unlimited app for Mac to:

  • Communicate with your friends via Facebook and other social media without VPN connection drops
  • Access favorite gaming sites, and much more from anywhere with no hassle
  • Access video streaming services right from your MacBook
  • Protect your logs, internet freedom, and macOS devices with a host of security protocols

VPN Unlimited Mac users have access to thousands of VPNs servers across the globe. You can easily switch between servers on the fly to ensure the highest connection speeds without VPN connection drops, and get full access to all your favorite online resources.


Benefits of Downloading the Best Secure VPN for Mac, Mac Pro, Mini, and iMac


Go invisible and private with Mac Pro and Mac Mini VPN Service

Get VPN Unlimited account to get a virtual IP address and hide your online activities from hackers, trackers, and any unauthorized third parties

Protect your device from any cyber threats with security protocols

Using our VPN for all iMac models and MacBook Pro, you can be sure that no hacker will get access to your private photos, browser history, and any other sensitive data

Get access to any content on the web with VPN for MacBook Pro

Install VPN Unlimited on your Mac, choose the VPN server location where the content that you need is available, and stay free online with our VPN app

Top 6 Features of VPN for Mac Software

No speed restrictions & data limits

Download, browse, stream or share, VPN Unlimited users are free to do whatever they want!

KeepSolid Wise technology

Try an additional level of traffic encryption and anonymity for you internet freedom, improved privacy, and unlimited web access without VPN connection drops

3000+ Servers in 80+ locations

No matter where you are, VPN Unlimited will connect you to your favorite content

Unlimited devices

Pay once - use on all your devices. Enjoy true freedom with a VPN on your MacBook or any laptop, tablet, smartphone or PC.

256-bit data encryption

Use the highest encryption level in the VPN industry to secure your private data from hackers, spyware and governments

Additional services

Protect your online activities with our extras: Lifetime VPN and Team VPN options, Personal Servers and IPs, and additional device slots

FAQ on Using VPN application on MacBook Air/Pro/other macOS

What is the best VPN for Mac app?

VPN Unlimited is the best VPN you can get on Mac App Store. Uncompromising security protocols, unmatched privacy, anonymity, and connection speeds, and unlimited internet freedom - that’s what helps our VPN for macOS stand out from the rest.

Our team of experts has been working in the security field for more than 9 years and our security software for Mac Pro and Mini has earned the trust of more than 35 million users. 

How to get a VPN for Mac app?

It’s really easy to download VPN Unlimited on Mac:

  1. Click on the App Store icon on your macOS device
  2. Find our VPN on the Mac App Store
  3. Click on the Get button and wait till our Mac VPN software is downloaded to your home screen 
  4. That’s it! You’ve just installed our VPN on your Mac. Launch VPN Unlimited and enjoy a whole new Internet performance

How to use VPN on Mac?

Our VPN application is widely considered the most easy-to-use VPN for MacBook. All you have to do to start is: 

  1. Launch the app and log in using your KeepSolid ID and password
  2. Connect to a VPN server by clicking on the big blue Start button. This way you’ll be connected to an automatically selected Optimal server 
  3. To connect to a different VPN Unlimited server, click on the server name under the Start button and choose a server from the list
  4. Check out advanced settings and features by clicking on the burger icon n the upper left corner

How to Fix the "Forever Status Update" Issue?

If you are using an older operating system on your Mac and are experiencing a "forever updating status" issue, follow this link. There you will find step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

Oh no, VPN Unlimited is not working. What should I do?

If VPN Unlimited is not working on your MacBook Air or another macOS device, please contact our 24/7 customer support - they’ll be happy to help!


How to Get a Free VPN for Mac Temporarily


Yet another reason to choose VPN Unlimited for your MacBook is our trial period. Our VPN MacBook app offers you a premium set of features that you can use for 7 days for absolutely free. VPN Unlimited trial period will grant you access to all the features of our VPN app so you can see how our app works in practice. You should definitely try it!

Top 5 VPN features to try for free in our VPN for macOS:

  • Streaming Servers
  • Optimal Server
  • Trusted Networks
  • Kill Switch Option
  • Various VPN Protocols such as WireGuard, OpenVPN etc.

Download the VPN Unlimited app and enjoy secure browsing with the best VPN software for Mac for FREE!

How to Set Up a Native VPN on macOS

  1. Click on the Apple icon> System Preferences, then choose VPN in the sidebar.
  2. Click Add VPN Configuration, then choose the type of VPN connection.
  3. Type the name of the VPN in the Display Name field.
  4. If you need to configure L2TP over IPSec VPN, click the Configuration pop-up menu or just use the Standard configuration.
  5. Enter the settings for the new VPN service.
  6. Cisco IPSec or IKEv2: You can enter settings for DNS and Proxy.
  7. Click Create.

Note: you need to click the check box to Show VPN status in the menu bar so the VPN icon shows in the menu bar.


Setting a native VPN configuration may be challenging. Unfortunately, it does not always work quickly and efficiently. The problem of VPN connection availability can be quickly solved by the VPN client! 

Instead of configuring the VPN connection by yourself, again and again, delegate this work to VPN Unlimited. By using VPN Unlimited for macOS you can get a secure and fast connection to more than 80 locations in one click. With masking your cyber identity, our VPN also provides top-notch security with a Zero-log policy. It means that no one can get your data in an unencrypted format.

Get VPN App for Other Platforms

Enjoy anonymous surfing on devices other than your MacBook with our VPN software as your cybersecurity shield. Download VPN Unlimited and protect yourself from cyber threats.

7-day free trial
30-day money-back guarantee