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Why You Need the Best VPN for Windows

Have you ever been in a public place and hopped onto free WiFi? Millions of users worldwide connect to available networks while out in public. Unfortunately, many of them don’t bother about security implications. Though many WiFi spots are not dangerous, there are plenty of opportunities for security breaches. 

It’s easy for cybercriminals to get access to personal data while you are connected to public WiFi. As a result, your easy-going web-surfing or online shopping can turn into a personal disaster. Third parties can hack your sensitive data and may use it for their purpose.

Luckily, you have VPN, an effective tool for connection security. It protects your sensitive data even in public WiFi networks. Searching for the best VPN for PC takes some effort, but security benefits are worth it. Using a VPN in public WiFi is the best way to keep all your data safe.

What You Get With a Windows VPN Client

The number of VPN users grows day by day. So does the number of devices a user has. An average user has a set of gadgets connected to the web, from laptops and PCs to fridges and smart speakers. You can also configure your router to use a VPN connection. It encrypts your home network data keeping it safe in the Wild Web. Information within your network will be protected, and all smart devices connected to it will enjoy a secured connection. 

Choice of VPN service for laptops and PCs depends on the operating system of your device. For the last couple of years, popular platforms are constantly shuffling, but one of the most common is Windows. 

The best Windows VPN сlient usually gives you access to more features than some web versions. VPN Unlimited  app for Windows is always up to date with the latest server information, which will save you a lot of trouble. VPN Unlimited is the best VPN for PC. It offers a set of vital functions for a VPN service, not only bells and whistles. Go on reading to learn about them.

Note:VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

How to Setup VPN on Windows 10

Follow the installation instructions on your screen.
That’s it! You’ve successfully installed a VPN on Windows.

To learn more about how to install and use VPN Unlimited on your Windows, please go to Help - Manuals.

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Windows

The quantity of VPN software for Windows is permanently rising. Choosing a reliable one becomes harder and harder. From a myriad of VPN apps, you first establish the criteria to rely on. 

Online Privacy

Firstly, you realize they provide online privacy. The best VPNs must encrypt your connection and mustn’t record your activity online. VPN Unlimited uses the encryption protocol AES-256 that secures your online traffic and makes it completely untraceable for third parties. The second feature is No-logs. VPN Unlimited doesn’t record your sensitive data and doesn’t share it with third parties. The motto is simple - nothing to store, nothing to share.

Bypass Geographic Restrictions

Secondly, the best VPN application must help to bypass geographic restrictions. For example, countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, etc. block internet resources like Wikipedia, news websites, social media, etc. With VPN Unlimited, you can overcome these filters and browse the web freely. The more VPN servers a VPN offers, the more connectivity options you have. VPN Unlimited has 3000+ high-speed servers across 80+ locations all over the world. The most recent Windows VPN server list is available right in the Windows VPN Client.

Online Streaming

Thirdly, the best VPN for PC helps with online streaming. Bad VPNs reduce the internet speed, making video content impossible to enjoy. But with VPN Unlimited you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports! You can easily run the Windows VPN client and connect to the needed streaming server to watch any video content you like.

Customer Support

And finally, sometimes setting up the VPN may require additional assistance. VPN Unlimited has a friendly and able customer support team with expert aid. We offer email and ticket support round the clock. Do not hesitate to ask any questions at [email protected].

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Anonymous Browsing on Windows: Incognito Mode vs VPN Unlimited

VPN and Incognito Mode are two popular tools for online privacy. When it comes to the Incognito mode, it is less secretive than you would expect. Your real IP remains visible to websites, your activities can still be monitored by your ISP, and your traffic remains unencrypted. 

VPN is quite the opposite. Connecting to a private Windows VPN server, your real IP address stays anonymous. ISP and hackers won’t see your online activity and sensitive data. VPN Unlimited for Windows fixes all issues and neutralizes all threats of web browsing. Do check it out!

Fast Facts

Without VPN Unlimited  With VPN Unlimited
  • Your ISP monitors your online activity and logs your browsing history
  • Your traffic is sent by an encrypted tunnel and your ISP can’t read it. No monitoring, no activity logs
  • Sites and services you want to use may be blocked in your location
  • You have access to the free internet from anywhere
  • Some online stores show you higher prices depending on your location
  • You can browse from 80 locations to avoid price discrimination
  • Public WiFi is dangerous. It can be easily used by hackers to get your sensitive data
  • Your Internet connection is encrypted and you are protected in unsecured networks
  • You might be protected on one device, but what about your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and game consoles?
  • Apps can be installed on all devices with every major operating system

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