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Buy Cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Through VPN

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that you can safely use in 100+ countries around the world. So why would you need a VPN for apps like Coinbase? First of all, it’s because a Virtual Private Network like VPN Unlimited greatly increases your security when using Coinbase, keeping you private, anonymous, and safe.

In addition to extra security and privacy, VPN Unlimited also helps you bypass location-based restrictions and access geo-blocked services. So even if your country is not supported by Coinbase, with a VPN you will still be able to use the service.

Buy, Sell, or Store Crypto on Coinbase

VPN Unlimited unblocks apps like Coinbase and protects you

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VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle

About Coinbase, VPN, and Apps Like Coinbase

Used by millions of traders all over the world, Coinbase is clearly a popular cryptocurrency platform. Like other similar apps, Coinbase comes with a few restrictions. Be aware of them if you’re planning to buy, sell, or store crypto on Coinbase! 

  • Internet connection. Obviously, you need an internet connection to access trading apps like Coinbase. And since most traders like to stay online all the time, they will often opt to use public WiFi networks. This poses certain dangers that we’ll describe later, along with how to avoid them by combining Coinbase and VPN Unlimited.
  • Correct location. Apps like Coinbase have limited coverage, in that they are restricted to a list of supported countries. Coinbase is prominent among its counterparts in this regard, as it’s available in 100+ regions. But if you’re located outside its area of coverage, you’re going to have certain difficulties accessing Coinbase without a VPN.

Why Trade on Coinbase with VPN Unlimited

VPN is a sophisticated security and privacy solution that ensures your safety and anonymity when using apps like Coinbase. 


VPN Unlimited uses AES-256 data encryption on your outbound traffic, scrambling in until it reaches its destination. This renders your personal data on Coinbase completely undecipherable to any unauthorized parties.


Also, using VPN Unlimited may in some cases be the only way to buy, sell, or store crypto on Coinbase at all. There are plenty of countries where the Coinbase app is unavailable


But VPN Unlimited masks your real IP address and the corresponding physical location, replacing it with virtual IP and location of the VPN server you’re connected to. So, connect to a VPN server within the Coinbase coverage - and you’ll get access to it as well!




  Without VPN Unlimited With VPN Unlimited
Untraceable internet traffic    
Personal data security    
Hidden real IP address    
Unrestricted access topopular trading platforms    
Improved online privacy    

How to Buy, Sell, or Store Coins on Coinbase Through VPN

It’s not easy to protect your privacy in the modern world of total surveillance, but it’s doable with a VPN. Coinbase does its fair share of work to secure you, and VPN Unlimited complements it with its own features. Here’s what you can do to improve your privacy and anonymity when buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.


Download VPN Unlimited. You’ll get 7 days of free use to check out this well-trusted VPN for Coinbase. And if you proceed to buy a paid subscription, VPN Unlimited accepts Bitcoin as a payment method, which is great for your anonymity.


Sign in by creating a new KeepSolid ID, or using an existing one (in the latter case you won’t get a 7-day free trial).


Connect to a VPN server located in a country where Coinbase is available.


Trade on Coinbase freely, but don’t forget to launch VPN Unlimited every time you do!

Benefits of Trading on Coinbase Through VPN Unlimited

Hundreds of VPN servers

VPN Unlimited servers are located in most of the 100+ countries where the Coinbase app is available. This means that wherever you reside, you can easily buy, sell, and store coins on Coinbase through VPN Unlimited. For instance, if you connect to a US server, Coinbase will think that you are in the US, where the Coinbase app is available.

Complete privacy

Cryptocurrency is renowned for its privacy benefits. You don’t want to undermine this by leaking your private information like your real location to the web when using Coinbase! VPN Unlimited will help you prevent this. When you’re connected to its servers, your real IP address is masked behind that of the server, obscuring your real location and hiding you.

Unlimited security

Whatever privacy Coinbase offers, VPN Unlimited adds an extra layer of security by encrypting your web traffic through the AES-256 protocol. Even if a hacker or spy manages to intercept your data, they will only see random patterns instead of your personal information. This is a great way to protect your passwords, logins, and other sensitive data that you enter online.

Kill Switch

Accessing Coinbase through VPN? The last thing you want is for your real location and identity to slip to the internet due to some micro-disruption in your VPN connection. This is exactly what the Kill Switch feature is for! If it detects any issues with your VPN, it disconnects you from the internet until the VPN connection is back. A great way to ensure your privacy on the Coinbase app!

No-log policy

While trading cryptocurrencies on Coinbase through any VPN is quite safe, this can be significantly violated if the VPN stores logs of your activities. Government officials can legally request them to provide any info they have on you. That’s why VPN Unlimited employs the no-log policy - we can’t provide personal data on you if we don’t have any!

Several devices per account

A single VPN Unlimited subscription can be used on several devices simultaneously. This means that you will be able to buy, sell, or store cryptocurrencies on Coinbase through VPN on any devices you have. Or you could use one slot for trading on Coinbase and the others - to secure your personal devices and access geo-blocked content and services.

Buy, Sell, and Store Crypto on Coinbase

VPN Unlimited unblocks apps like Coinbase and protects you