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Does VPN Use Data

Online security guard - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app
Online security guard - KeepSolid VPN Unlimited app

A Virtual Private Network provides you with a safe and private connection to the internet. This protects your privacy, keeps your IP address hidden while using the internet, allows you to access online content that is blocked in your region, and avoid censorship. 

Using it protects your digital footprint from being tracked by anyone, from marketing companies to anybody else using your network. This ensures utmost online privacy. Without it, you are at risk of being exposed. This is especially advantageous when using a public WIFI network, such as at a mall or hotel, because, without it, anyone else connected to the network has access to your online activity. 

The encryption software provides extra protection, keeping any content, be it messages or browser history, hidden. This security is provided when using WiFi or cellular data. 

How Much Data Does VPN Use

It does increase your internet consumption and this is referred to as VPN overhead. How much is used depends on the protocols you are using. This can be anywhere from as little as 4% to as much as 20%. This means that when using a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, you might reach your usual monthly limit sooner than normal.

With today’s high volume of internet traffic, most tech-savvy individuals choose to use a reliable VPN, such as VPN Unlimited, to protect their privacy and to browse the internet without restriction. But does this come at an extra cost in terms of data usage? In this article, we will be answering the question: Does VPN use data?

Internet plans can be expensive, especially if you use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, when not connected to a WIFI network. They are not only pricey but are usually capped at a monthly limit. Any usage above this limit either comes at a high cost or slows down your internet. VPN services already come at a small subscription cost; does this mean you should factor in your data usage too?

Does VPN use data? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. While it does hide your digital footprint, it does not negate the data usage from your internet provider. Even when using one, the information sent from your device to the VPN servers must first travel through your internet provider. So, even though your activity is encrypted, your internet provider is still able to measure your internet usage. 

Why Is More Data Used

When receiving or sending information online, it travels in packets, and these packets have a limit of how much data they can carry. If the amount of data exceeds this limit, additional packets will be needed to transport it. This packet also contains information about your IP address and where the data is traveling to. A VPN uses more data because it needs to reroute your information to its server. An increase in the amount of information being transported leads to an increase in the packets needed, therefore resulting in more data needed to transport the information. 

Despite this fact, the advantages of using a virtual private network outweigh the extra usage. With AES-256 encryption, VPN Unlimited is secure and protects your information, by-passes regional content blocking, side-steps censored or blocked websites, and hides your digital footprint. 

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How to Use the Least Data with a VPN

Use an efficient protocol, such as WireGuard

Tunneling protocols offer a safe means of sending and receiving information between your network and others. There are different protocols available, and each uses a different amount of data. WireGuard, for example, only increases usage by approximately 4%. VPN Unlimited uses WireGuard as one of its protocols. Try out VPN Unlimited today!

How to prevent the digital surveillance? - Use VPN Unlimited and stay anonymous
Turn off the VPN when you do not need it.

Turning it off when you do not need it will save you the extra amount of data that a VPN uses.  However, there is one advantage to using a VPN when it goes to data usage. Internet providers tend to throttle bandwidth for users performing certain types of online activities - such as playing online video games or downloading video content. When your activity is hidden from your internet provider, they cannot throttle you for it, because they cannot see what you are doing online. This is a huge advantage to heavy internet users. 


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Benefits of VPN Unlimited

Avoid geo-blocking

With 3000+ servers in more than 80 locations, you can access content from an IP address almost anywhere in the world. 

High-level encryption

With high-level encryption AES-256, your data is well protected and secured.

Expect tunneling protocols

With multiple protocols, including WireGuard, your digital footprint is safeguarded.

Kill Switch

If the VPN connection is lost at any point, your session will end and will not be at risk. 

Connect multiple devices

With one subscription, you get to connect an unlimited device.

7-day free trial

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