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Why You Need VPN Unlimited - The Best Security Solution

Our VPN application provides our 37M+ customers with a bunch of solutions to secure their private data and protect their online privacy. It’s high time you joined our satisfied users. But first, let’s take a look at what cases our security premium software solves. What is a VPN? Why is a VPN useful? What is a VPN used for? Check it out!

What VPN is and why should you use it

In present-day reality, people spend a lot of time on the Internet. We surf the web while working, post our personal photos on Instagram, chat with our family in WhatsApp. The main purpose of a VPN application is to safeguard your online identity and provide you with unrestricted access to all and any data you want. VPN Unlimited, in turn, is your perfect solution to avoid any cyber threats and become completely free while surfing the web.


In case you still wonder why use a VPN for streaming, why use a VPN when torrenting, why use a VPN for gaming or else activities, let’s take a look at on comparison table of web surfing with and without our application.

  Without VPN Unlimited With VPN Unlimited
Staying secure on a public Wi-Fi    
Protection from data theft    
Access to geo-blocked content    
Saving with regional pricing    
Privacy Protection    
24/7 customer support    

1st reason why use VPN solution: Online security

Stay secure on a public WiFi hotspot

Thanks to our software, your private data will be completely encrypted and protected from any cyber criminal. That’s why you can use VPN to connect to any public WiFi hotspot in the coffee shop, airport, or hotel without fear of getting hacked.

Avoid malicious software

Any kind of malware is not a problem for you if you use VPN Unlimited. Thanks to our secure servers, all your data is tunneled through it. Our VPN solution blocks any spyware’s ability to get your sensitive information.

Protect yourself from data theft

Our online security guard does our best to prevent any data theft and ensure your identity is hidden from any unauthorized third-party. We use highly secure a AES-256 encryption method that makes your data completely untraceable.

2nd reason why use VPN solution: Access to geo-blocked content

Avoid any geo-restrictions

Unfortunately, your favorite content provider might not work in a particular country where you are located at the moment. So, what can you do? Of course, use our best VPN security solution. We have a huge variety of VPN servers.

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Save with regional pricing

If regional pricing seems unfair to you, you can easily use the VPN to save your money. Get our app, change your virtual location, and buy clothes or airline tickets at the lowest price.

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Bypass government censorship

Don’t let anyone, including the government, stop you from accessing your favorite content. Wherever you are, just run VPN Unlimited and select the needed server location that will help you to unblock your favorite content.

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Release yourself from office boundaries

Thanks to our best security solution, you can use our VPN to chat with your friends via your favorite social networks. Our application allows you to connect to any remote server that unblocks Facebook, Twitter, or any other site you like from any office.

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Unblock Skype from anywhere

Even though Skype is geo-blocked in a number of countries, this is not a problem for VPN Unlimited. Use our virtual private network to make unrestricted Skype calls and become free on the web. 

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Watch YouTube video blocked in your country

With VPN Unlimited, you can access all and any YouTube video content from anywhere in the world. Run the app, connect to the needed server, and unblock YouTube online.

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Enjoy unrestricted browsing in Chrome

Our Chrome VPN solution provides you with premium features to boost your online freedom to even more advanced level. Get our app and start your unrestricted online journey right away!

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Open blocked sites in Firefox

Choosing our best VPN for Firefox you get complete online freedom and can easily unblock Facebook, YouTube, or any other site you need to access. Download our anonymous VPN for Firefox to enjoy online freedom.

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Play games online without restrictions

VPN Unlimited is your perfect choice for online gaming! Start using our software and unblock Minecraft, PUBG, Fortnight, Overwatch, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, and any other games from anywhere. 

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Try our security solution for home, office, and traveling to answer yourself why people use VPN

Get VPN Unlimited and benefit from its premium functionality wherever you are. Be anonymous. Stay secure. Bypass geo-restrictions.

3rd reason why use VPN solution: Protection of your privacy

Prevent digital surveillance

Unfortunately, some big corporations can store your private data. If the government needs a piece of this data, it can force these companies to submit all collected information to the officials. In order to prevent such situations, you can use our best security solution.

Defend against habit tracking

Your online privacy is our number one priority. One more time, why use the VPN? To keep your internet habits only for yourself. With our solution, you can become completely anonymous and prevent third parties from understanding what kind of a person you are.

Avoid annoying ads on the internet

Sometimes it feels like companies know everything about us. The annoying ads are everywhere. VPN Unlimited, in turn, makes any geo-targeting completely useless. You connect to a virtual server location and all your online traffic remains protected.

Protect your Windows device with VPN

Though Windows security measures are reliable, your sensitive data requires an additional layer of security. Your Windows PC or laptop needs a reliable VPN application that can protect your personal information from malware or hackers. With VPN Unlimited you can surf the internet securely, bypass any geographical restrictions, and enjoy any content on your Windows device.

Protection against Data Theft with VPN Unlimited app - Online threats

Why you need our VPN Unlimited security solution

Rock-solid data protection

In order to keep your sensitive data completely safe, our team of professionals has implemented a bunch of secure encryption methods and VPN protocols. That’s why using our security solution your identity remains anonymous.

Cross-platform solution

Enjoy our rock-solid VPN protection on any platform you need. Our service is the best multi-platform VPN solution that can be used for anonymous browsing on Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Linux, and even as a browser extension.

Super-fast servers

VPN Unlimited offers a list of lightning-fast servers across the globe. This list of premium servers will definitely satisfy your needs if you are an ordinary netizen, TV shows fan, cinephile, or traveler.

Friendly customer support team

Whatever question about VPN Unlimited you have, you can always contact our customer support team. They work 24 hours per day without any weekends, so they are always at your disposal.

Are you ready to try our app and explore yourself why people use a VPN?

Download VPN Unlimited and get a 7-day free trial + additional 30-day money-back guarantee!