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VPN Unlimited vs HideMyAss Comparison - Best Comparison Chart

VPN Unlimited vs HideMyAss (HMA) | VPN Prices and Performance:

VPN Unlimited vs HideMyAss (HMA): VPN Prices, Security Features Review Table


VPN Unlimited

HideMyAss (HMA)

OpenVPN Protocol
Wireguard Protocol
Leak Protection 1st Party DNS Servers
Obfuscation via TCP Port 443
Other proprietary obfuscation protocols
P2P port blocking Some
Accepts Crypto Currency
Accepts Cash
Strength of Encryption AES-256 AES-256
# of Devices 5-10 5
Windows Phone Support
Server SSL Rating A+ B
$ / month (Annual Pricing) 5.00 6.99
$ / Connection / Month 1 1.4
Free Trial
Rating: 5 3

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Best VPN Client Comparison 2023: Who is the Winner

According to our best VPN comparison chart, VPN Unlimited is obviously better than HideMyAss (HMA). And as HMA users state, HMA VPN is also very slow. Our security software, in turn, provides users with a huge number of crucial features for secure, private, and fast internet surfing. They are as follows.


Data security

Reviewing our fastest VPN Unlimited, we should mention the availability of the extremely secure AES-256 encryption that protects all your online traffic going via it. As a result, your online identity remains completely undecipherable to any unauthorized third parties.

Privacy and anonymity

Our best VPN for 2023 offers you a premium servers list that includes servers for streaming and torrenting. Connecting to any of our 3000+ servers in 80+ locations all over the world, you get a virtual IP address that doesn’t let anyone tie your online actions to your identity.

Bypassing content restrictions

In case you can’t access any website, streaming service, social media, or video in your region because of the geo-restrictions, VPN Unlimited is at your disposal. Look through our servers list and connect to the one in the region where the needed content is available.

Convenient terms and pricing

As you can see from our client comparison chart, you can protect up to 5 or 10 devices (depending on your subscription) via a single account. To top it off, our service supports any platform you need to protect. Comparing prices, HMA VPN price is a bit higher than VPN Unlimited.

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Download VPN Unlimited and receive all the benefits for the best price compared to the HMA VPN price.

How to Set Up a VPN

In 2023, it takes no hassle to set up and use the best home Virtual Private Network:


Log in and choose a VPN server

How to choose the best VPN in 2023

If our VPN client comparison of HideMyAss (HMA) vs VPN Unlimited still hasn’t provided clarity on how to choose the right VPN for your needs, let’s delve deeper into this matter. There are more than 300 different VPN applications in the security field, and the process of choosing the best one can be quite challenging. How do you know what features should you look for? Check it out!

Decide what you need a VPN for

The reasons to use a VPN can be really different and they only depend on your personal VPN needs. If you want to protect your home network, you should look for a router-based VPN. In case you want to access Hulu, or any other popular video streaming service, choose VPN with a set of Streaming servers that offers you the highest speed. Decide what will be using a VPN for and write down the features that are essential for your needs.

Look at each VPN’s features

After creating the list of the needed features, you should analyze the most popular VPN applications that you can find on the market. Check out the reviews on VPN Unlimited, HideMyAss (HMA), and some other services, and look through their features and prices to choose the one app that will be perfect for you.

Check out the compatibility with your devices

This is also a very important moment as not every VPN is compatible with such platforms as Linux, Apple TV, or Windows Phone. In case you are a user of a Windows laptop but also use an Android smartphone, you definitely want to protect both these devices. One more great idea is to check the number of devices that you can cover via a single account.

Look through a VPN server list

By this step, you ensure that all the important locations for you are covered. The more VIrtual Private Network servers you can find in the list, the better you will be prepared for any cyber threats and geo-restrictions all over the world. The availability of servers for streaming and torrenting will be also a huge benefit.

Get started with VPN Unlimited right away

To top it off, we provide you with a unique opportunity to download and use our solution for free for 7 days. Also, we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.