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What Is the Best Secure Alternative to Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox, also referred to as just Firefox, is a web browser that can be used free of charge. Firefox has a user interface that is very easy to navigate. The browser also has a relatively fast download speed, this is because it uses less memory than most other browsers. Firefox is a browser that advertises itself as being one of the safest browser options and includes safety features such as a private browsing mode, an ad-blocking tracker, and a built-in password manager. The browser has a wide range of browser extensions available, this adds more functionality to your browser experience.


Why Browser Security Is Important

The amount of active users on the internet today creates a hotspot for cybercrime. Data breaches happen every day and cybercriminals are becoming smarter. Browsers are the most popular way in which people connect to and use the internet, therefore it is essential to use a browser that is secure and to look into alternative options.

Secure Alternatives to Firefox

Brave Browser

Brave prioritizes privacy, making it a secure alternative to Firefox. This browser does not collect the data of its users, nor does it sell these data to any third parties. Like Firefox, it also features an adblocker. The browser design is easy to use and understand. Additionally, Brave is faster than other popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. However, where Brave falls short is that it does not have nearly as many browser extensions as other browsers.

Epic Privacy Browser

What makes this browser such a secure alternative is that it uses a proxy server through which all its traffic is directed, ensuring that ads are automatically blocked. It features built-in security systems that provide you with protection against web cookies, ad tracking, and third parties. Whenever you close your browser, Epic Privacy will clear all history and cookies automatically.

Iridium Browser

This browser was designed to be a more secure version of Chrome, and one may think of it as Chrome with additional security features. This also makes it a secure alternative to Firefox. Many of the plug-ins that are available for Chrome are also compatible with Iridium. However, Iridium does have one major shortcoming, which is that its user interface is more complicated than that of Chrome.

SRWare Iron Browser

Iron provides you with security, as well as an easy-to-use interface. This combination of simplicity and safety makes it an excellent alternative to Firefox. Additionally, Iron has a built-in ad blocker and does not allow user data to be put to third parties.

Tor Browser

The top priorities of this browser are privacy and anonymity. Tor connects its users through multiple layers, rather than via a central hub like most other browsers. Tor is one the most secure alternatives available, however, in terms of speed, it is much slower than other browsers.

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How VPN Unlimited Can Secure Your Online Experience

Using a VPN while being connected to the internet can enhance your internet security, no matter what browser you are using. VPNs hide your IP address and make all your online activity untraceable. This means that no one, not even your internet provider, can see what you’re doing on the internet. It also means that your data cannot be sold to third parties.

VPN Unlimited is available on familiar and popular browsers, including Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Chrome. With one subscription, you can use our VPN on multiple devices, including mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

VPN Unlimited uses 256-bit data encryption, this is currently the best type of encryption available in the internet privacy industry. With this encryption, you and your data are protected from cybercriminals and spies. Additionally, we have over 500 servers, in more than 80 locations, to provide you with unrestricted access to any global content.

We have a strict zero-log policy and in this way, we prioritize your online privacy. The zero-log policy means that we do not keep track of anything you do on the internet. None of your information, including browsing history, IP address, connection time, and downloads, are logged. Therefore, you can be sure that your privacy is protected.

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