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Why Do I Need a VPN Browser Extension?

People all over the world are getting curious, and concerned, about their cybersecurity. Protecting your privacy, anonymity, and sensitive data is becoming more and more important. The best way to achieve that is by using a VPN - but what kind of VPN? Should you pick a VPN browser extension or maybe a desktop/mobile app?

Let’s discuss browser VPNs and why you may find them exactly what you need. We’ll see which browser apps work best with VPNs, what browsers to use with VPN, and learn how to benefit from VPN browser extensions.

What is a VPN Browser Extension

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This software allows users to:

  • Mask their real IP address
  • Encrypt their web traffic
  • Achieve online privacy and anonymity
  • Bypass geo-blocking and access restricted content
  • Save money with regional pricing

The most common type of VPN is the VPN app. It’s quite handy and intuitive, however, it has certain limitations. For one, it covers your whole device’s web traffic with a VPN connection, so tough luck if you want to only protect a part of the traffic.

A convenient alternative to desktop/mobile VPN apps is the VPN browser extension. It’s basically the same service but in the form of an extension. This grants several unique benefits that we’re going to discuss next, as well as whether it’s better to use a VPN app or a VPN browser extension.

How to Get a VPN Browser Extension


Open this page and select which browser you need a VPN extension for


Install the VPN extension


Launch the extension and sign in


Select a VPN server to establish a VPN connection and protect your traffic

VPN Unlimited - the only browser VPN extension you will ever need!

Advantages of VPN Browser Extensions

VPN connection only covers your browser’s traffic, other apps are not affected

Why would you want to cover only a part of your device’s web traffic? For instance, if you have speed-sensitive apps or services on your device and don’t want your VPN connection to affect their performance. 

Also, some services (e.g. online banking) consider it suspicious if you enter them from an unusual IP address. With a VPN browser extension, you can leave such services out of the VPN network.

To connect to different regions with different browsers

You can launch VPN Unlimited extension on several browsers simultaneously and connect to servers in different countries. This way, you will see the content in each browser differently - as seen by the people in those countries. 

This opens doors for several handy tricks. For example, you can take advantage of regional pricing (the practice of selling goods online at different prices, depending on the customer’s location). To do this, connect to a VPN server in a “third-world country” in one browser, and to a server in a rich country in another browser, and compare the prices on online goods, such as flight tickets, apps, or videogames. Find the cheapest offer and save a buck!

To work with different locations in different countries

This is a great benefit for all sorts of professionals. For example, SEO specialists will be able to examine foreign content from the perspective of a local to better understand their needs. A PPC specialist will be able to review their targeted content to ensure that everything works fine outside of their geo-location. The possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to install anything on your computer

The VPN browser extension allows you to protect the data you send over the browser (passwords, emails, media, etc.) without having to install any apps or programs. You simply augment your existing browser with additional functionality.

Location-specific search queries

As some of you may know, search engines, like Google, tailor your search results to your location. Entering identical search requests in different states will yield vastly different results. So, good luck if, say, you are in Brazil and want to google something in English - your results will mostly consist of local stuff. 

VPN browser extensions offer an easy, fast, and convenient way to switch between different locations on the fly. So if you want to avoid regional-specific search results, simply connect to a VPN server in a different country and you will get the same search results as the users in that country get.

Bypass geo-blocking and view any online content

Despite what many people believe, the internet is not that free a place. There is a lot of content online that a lot of users can’t access. For example, many streaming services are restricted to specific countries, or at least significantly limit the amount of content available to users abroad. 

VPN Unlimited browser extension allows you to bypass such location-based content restrictions and get access to any content. All you need to do is connect to a VPN server in the location where the content or service is available - and you too will be able to view it.

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