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What Is a VPN Tunnel

How to prevent the digital surveillance? - Use VPN Unlimited and stay anonymous
How to prevent the digital surveillance? - Use VPN Unlimited and stay anonymous

Everyone on the internet is on the lookout for the perfect Virtual Private Network, for their needs. The best part is that you can still find excellent providers who can supply you with the greatest possible web surfing experience. 

Deciding on which internet service to choose from is often based on factors such as how fast a connection is, how secure it is, and how well it is connected to other devices. 

We'll explain what a VPN tunnel is and how it works in the sections that follow. You will also have a chance to get an introduction to KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited, our best-loved virtual private network.

Briefly About VPN Tunnel

It's a secure connection between your smartphone or computer and the internet. A VPN tunnel allows you to mask part of your internet activities. All the data you create while browsing online is encrypted, and your IP address is masked when you use this tool on any of your devices. 

As long as you're using a Virtual Private Network to access the web, you'll be able to block companies, government agencies, hackers, and other snoops from monitoring your online activities or seeing any of the IP addresses that identify your location while you're online.

How Does It Work

Signing up for a Virtual Private Network is the initial step in connecting to the internet using a VPN tunnel. When it comes to protecting your online activities from prying eyes, a VPN is an absolute must.

You'll log into your virtual private network service provider before you view any websites. As a result, the websites you visit and your internet service provider (ISP) will not be able to see your IP address when you begin searching online. Instead, your service provider's IP address will be shown, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Cybercriminals, organizations, and governments will be unable to trace what websites you visit, what files you download, films you stream, or games you play when you activate this additional layer of security. To keep your online activity confidential, you should mask your IP address and encrypt the data you transmit and receive.

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VPN Tunnel Protocols

The same cannot be said for all VPN tunnels when it comes to preserving your online privacy. How effectively a VPN tunnel works depends on the protocol it uses.

It's a smart idea to use VPN Unlimited, it uses the best tunneling protocol available to combat internet eavesdroppers since certain protocols are out of date and may not offer enough data encryption to keep them at bay. 

Let's have a look at the protocols outlined below.


One of the earliest versions still in use today is the Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol or PPTP. This protocol's strength is in its speed: it has incredibly fast connection rates.

However, this speed comes with a price. Data encryption is weaker than current standards, so PPTP may move quickly. This implies that the encryption offered by this protocol is more vulnerable to attack from outsiders.

When combined with IPSec, Internet Protocol Security, Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol offers an improvement above  PPTP. The reason for this is that this level of tunneling protocol provides two levels of security: In this protocol, the encryption is generated independently by the IPSec and L2TP components. As a consequence, your online data is safeguarded on two levels.


Because it's exclusively accessible on Windows, the Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol is unique. Because of its high level of security, this sort of protocol is a wise option. To get through firewalls, SSTP doesn't have to utilize fixed ports.


There's no better way to safeguard your online privacy than with a service that uses the OpenVPN® protocol. OpenVPN is the protocol of choice for our best-loved VPN Unlimited. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, as well as iOS and Android OSes, all support this protocol. 

The future of anonymizer services is a virtual private network (VPN) protocol

Benefits of Using VPN Unlimited

High-level security

Regardless of the WiFi network you use, your credit card information, credentials, and other important information are completely safe. Your personal information is encrypted to keep it safe from hackers and other parties.

Ultra-fast speed

You may be certain that you won't be slowed down by our technology. KeepSolid Wise enhances both the user experience and the speed of the internet. As an added benefit, we offer lightning speeds with a global network of extremely fast VPN servers.

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The MonoDefense Security Package includes VPN Unlimited. With this package, you get all-around security, an enhanced online experience, and protection for sensitive data.

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