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How To Use a VPN on Sony TV

Manufactured under the ‘Bravia’ brand, smart TVs by Sony are well-known for their exceptional performance. Unfortunately, even the most advanced Sony Bravia cannot access geo-restricted titles on popular streaming services like Amazon Prime or Google TV, and that is why numerous Bravia owners want to pair up their Sony TV with a VPN.

Having connected your Sony Bravia with VPN Unlimited you get:

  • Freedom from geo-restrictions: access all popular streaming services wherever you are;
  • A highly reliable ultra-speed connection ideal for HD- and UHD-streaming;
  • A 7-day free trial coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee: it is an absolute bargain;
  • A money-saving Lifetime Subscription plan.

Note: If you’ve got a smart TV by some other manufacturer, and want to connect it to VPN Unlimited, please, follow the link to our general page on How to download, install and use VPN Unlimited on a Smart TV.

How To Pair Up a VPN With a Sony Bravia TV

Modern smart TVs are nothing like the 4:3 lamp boxes from the pre-digital era. Contemporary devices are actually high-performance multimedia computers managed by operating systems. While some manufacturers (like Samsung and LG) use proprietary operating systems, others rely on such a major platform as Android TV by Google. Sony employs both models: some of its TVs are managed by the company’s own OS, and some have the Android TV OS on them.

Installing our VPN on a Sony Android TV greatly differs from integrating our service with a non-Android Sony Bravia. Thus, first of all, you need to find out what OS you’ve actually got on your Bravia.

  • Setting up VPN Unlimited on Sony Google Android TV: you can easily configure your device so that its internet traffic goes through our Virtual Private Network servers. Follow this link for details.
  • Setting up VPN Unlimited on Sony non-Android TVs: while you cannot install our application directly on your device, it is very easy to circumvent this issue. There are two equally viable options: either share a Virtual Private Network connection over WiFi with the help of your MacBook or install our Virtual Private Network app on your router. What’s more, if you have difficulty configuring your Android Bravia, you can switch to this option as well.


How To Install VPN Unlimited on Your Sony Bravia TV: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Follow this link, download and install VPN Unlimited on your device.

Step 2

Set up a Virtual Private Network on your router using this guide or share your MacBook’s VPN connection using this manual.

Step 3

Access any content on any streaming platform you want!

How a Virtual Private Network Works on Your Sony Bravia TV

Our Virtual Private Network application allows you to connect to any of more than 3000 servers placed in more than 80 locations all over the globe. Use our service to virtual travel to a place where the film or show is not restricted for watching so that you can enjoy it on your Sony Bravia. Our service is online 24/7; our connection speed is always ultra-high.

Our service protects your internet traffic from third-party unauthorized access with the help of the extremely reliable AES-256 encryption. Your browsing history is not stored; we do our best to ensure your privacy.

VPN Unlimited: Enjoy Our User-Friendly Interface and Superior Reliability

Setting our app up is easy, using it is a real pleasure: download it now!

other platforms

Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Install VPN Unlimited and Enjoy Streaming Services Like Never Before

It is common practice for numerous streaming services to geo-restrict access to their content. For instance, Disney+ subscribers from the United States can watch nearly two times as many titles as people from other countries.  This also means that even if a title is unavailable in your country, you can still watch it from some other geographical place.

VPN Unlimited tears down barriers that stand in the way of the free flow of information. Subscribe to our service, select the server located in the country where the show or film is free to watch, and enjoy your media experience. Our service is ideal for all popular streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google TV, Peacock, YouTube, and numerous others.

Disclaimer: your Sony Bravia might be region-locked to the place where you’ve bought it. If this is the case, unless you change the region setting on your Bravia, some multimedia content might still remain unavailable.

Pair VPN Unlimited Up With Sony Bravia and Enjoy

Ultra-fast connection ideal for HD and UHD media

Our Virtual Private Network service is ideal for those streaming platforms that, like Max, require a high-speed internet connection. Enjoy the crystal-clear picture with no glitches!

Support of multiple operating systems

Not only is our service the perfect choice for your Sony Bravia, it is also wholly compatible with numerous other digital platforms like Linux, Windows by Microsoft, iMac, iOS by Apple, and Android by Google.

Support of multiple digital platforms

Choose any of our 3000+ servers located in various points all over the planet to unblock otherwise unavailable content on your favorite streaming service.

Hack-proof data encryption

Your connection to our Virtual Private Network servers is protected with the military-grade AES-256 encryption: no third party can decode and read your sensitive data.

FAQ on Sony Bravia Android and non-Android TV VPN

How do I get a VPN on my Sony Bravia?

Please, follow this link for the detailed instruction on setting up VPN Unlimited directly on your Android Bravia.

For your Sony Bravia smart TV that uses the proprietary OS (i.e. non-Android Bravia), you need to install our application on your router or MacBook.

How exactly do I pair up my non-Android Bravia with VPN Unlimited?

To find out more about setting up our Virtual Private Network service on your MacBook or router, please go to the Manuals page. To clarify any details of this procedure, please contact our customer support.

How exactly do I pair up my Sony Smart TV with VPN Unlimited?

To install our Virtual Private Network application on your MacBook and/or router, please click on the link to the Manuals page. You can also write an email to our customer support.

What region-locked Bravia streaming services can I access with the help of VPN Unlimited?

Here are only some of the apps:

  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney+
  • Crackle
  • Channel 4
  • ESPN+
  • Google TV
  • Hulu
  • Max
  • Peacock
  • Paramount+
  • Popcornflix
  • Tubi

The complete version of the list includes even more platforms; if you couldn’t find the service you need, please write an email to our support.


How do I install a Virtual Private Network on smart TVs from other brands?

The actual procedure of setting up VPN Unlimited on your TV depends on the operating system your device is managed by.

If your device comes with Android TV by Google, you can pair up our application directly with your TV. Please, click on this link for the comprehensive manual.

If your TV is managed by a proprietary operating system (like some Sony Bravia and TCL devices as well as TVs from Samsung and LG), you can connect them to our Virtual Private Network service via a router and/or MacBook. Please, use this link for the details.

I’ve got a smart box managed by Android TV by Google. Can I set up VPN Unlimited on it?

Yes, it is possible. Please, use this detailed manual on setting our application up on your Android smart box.

Is it possible to contact your customer support?

Ask us any questions by writing to us via [email protected]. It’s our pleasure to help you!

Install VPN Unlimited Now and Enjoy the Freedom To Watch Any Media You Like!

Enjoy our high-speed connection and user-friendly interface.