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What is a VPN?

First things first, what does VPN mean? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network is a technology that is used to secure users’ local  network traffic over a public WiFi. VPN offers:

  • Protecting your data and  internet traffic from third parties 
  • Masking your real location and anonymizing your identity
  • Bypassing content geo-restrictions and access a website and services

To deliver its benefits, a VPN needs several components: VPN servers, VPN protocols, and VPN encryption protocols. With this security mix, a VPN allows you to stay private and ensures the integrity of your sensitive data throughout its journey from your device to the destination site or service.

How VPN Works

So, what does a VPN do, exactly? In lay terms, VPN technology creates a secure connection between your device and the site, service, or piece of content that you’re trying to access. This includes the following steps:

1. Traffic encryption 

All the data you’re about to send to the internet (e.g. your messages, account passwords, search queries, etc.) is encrypted. This allows VPN technology to protect your information from accidental data leaks or from getting intentionally intercepted by hackers and other cybercriminals. 

2. Routing your traffic through VPN servers

Next, your data is transferred via a VPN server instead of going to the destination directly. VPN hides your real IP address and physical location - anyone attempting to trace back your internet traffic will only be able to get as far as the new IP address of the VPN server. Masking your IP kills two birds with one stone:

  • Protecting your privacy and anonymity
  • Uninterrupted internet access and unblocking of any content that’s available in the region where the VPN server is located

3. Additional security, privacy, etc.

This step includes any extra benefits that your internet service provider offers. For VPN Unlimited, this would include features like: 

  • 3000+ VPN servers worldwide
  • Selection of VPN protocols for an adjustable ratio of speed and security
  • Proprietary KeepSolid Wise protocol to use in networks that block VPN connections
  • 24/7 customer support

 4. Is VPN good?

Our VPN client is totally effective! Here are some examples of when the reliable VPN Unlimited could be the best solution for you:

  • If you need the fastest speed, but your VPN slows down your Internet connection – use VPN Unlimited! 
  • It not only uses the latest technology to provide you with fast web surfing speeds but also allows you not to lose your ping when playing video games on consoles.
  • Moreover, to ensure that cybercriminals do not gain access to your personal data, we use a No-Log Policy. Your  internet data such as browsing history, IP address, downloads, and other will always be hidden and will not leave traces!

See for yourself what the best VPN is capable of!

VPN Protocol Comparison: Features and Suitability


KeepSolid Wise is a proprietary protocol designed to bypass VPN blocks, making it an ideal choice for accessing the internet in restrictive environments such as schools, workplaces, or hotels. It utilizes TCP, UDP, and TLS protocols, with OpenVPN as its foundation, to create a stealthy VPN connection that's challenging to detect. This technology disguises your VPN traffic as harmless HTTPS traffic, ensuring access even in blocked networks.

Available on:
Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux


L2TP/IPSec is a VPN protocol known for its reliable security features. It combines L2TP with IPSec to ensure data protection. While it offers good encryption and security, it may not be the fastest option due to the double encapsulation of data. Additionally, setting up L2TP/IPSec can be moderately complex, particularly when dealing with firewalls that might block the protocol's default port 500.


Available on:
macOS, iOS


TLS is a widely-used cryptographic protocol that ensures the privacy and integrity of data transmitted over the internet. It encrypts data, protecting it from interception and tampering. TLS operates on TCP Port 443 and is accessible on most networks, providing a secure and efficient means of protecting online communications.



Available on:
Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge


IKEv2 is a highly secure and efficient VPN protocol known for its speed and stability. It offers 256-bit encryption, robust security features, and seamless network transition support. IKEv2 is compatible with various platforms and is a reliable choice for VPN connections, particularly when switching between different network types.

Available on: 

Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux


OpenVPN is a highly secure and versatile VPN protocol that encrypts your data, ensuring privacy and security, especially on public Wi-Fi networks. It employs robust 256-bit encryption, making it as secure as HTTPS websites. OpenVPN's ability to operate over both UDP and TCP transports makes it adaptable and capable of bypassing VPN restrictions.


Available on: 

Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux


WireGuard is a cutting-edge open-source VPN protocol known for its exceptional security, speed, and efficiency. With a compact codebase, it's easier to audit for vulnerabilities, making it a robust choice for privacy-conscious users. WireGuard's modern cryptography and rotating key system provide both top-notch security and high performance, making it an excellent option for secure and fast VPN connections.

Available on:
Android, Windows, iOS, macOS

Benefits of using a VPN

Data protection

VPN technology is an effective way of establishing safe virtual connections through the use of a tunneling protocol. All data that travels through this tunnel is encrypted so that only you and the recipient that you share it with can see it.

VPN Unlimited uses top-grade AES-256 encryption that reliably protects your sensitive data. Now you can use the internet without worries as no single cybercriminal can sneak up on you for your personal information.

Online privacy

One of the main benefits of VPN technology is to secure your online privacy. The task is easily accomplished by hiding your actual IP address and location. To continue interacting with cyberspace, a VPN provides you with a virtual IP with a location of your choice.

So security and privacyare among the biggest benefits of a VPN. This makes it impossible for service providers, government, or any other concerned party to track your online activities, which means that your online privacy remains intact.

No censorship and restrictions

If you are in a country with strict censorship and numerous internet restrictions, like China, the UAE, or Iran, the websites you visit may not be available. In this case, you can connect to a VPN service and unlock the doors to your favorite websites and online content. Just choose a VPN server in a country where the service you want to access is not blocked. This will grant you the same rights on the internet as the citizens of this country have.

For the whole list of VPN Unlimited benefits, check out this page.

Use VPN to:

Avoid monitoring, tracking, and throttling

A VPN technology is good for preventing your government, service providers, or other unauthorized parties from seeing everything you do online. This benefit is achieved by routing all your online activity through the VPN server. It also protects you from being tracked by websites, allowing you to get rid of annoying ads.

Add an extra level of security with KeepSolid Wise

With this security technology, your VPN traffic looks innocently like standard HTTPS. This VPN benefit is good for internet users who live in or travel to countries with heavy censorship. Moreover, secure VPN Unlimited allows you to pay for the service anonymously, using Bitcoins.

Protect your WiFi connection

Do you use public WiFi in cafes, hotels, airports, and parks often? VPN technology is good for greatly decreasing your chances of being hacked, even if you were tricked to connect to an evil-twin hotspot or a compromised network. Your private data, including passwords, credit card details, and correspondence, will be safe and sound thanks to encryption, and your browsing session will be securely protected.

Regional pricing

But there’s more! Stop wasting your money on overpriced items, and your time waiting till an anticipated game gets available in your area. With a VPN, you can purchase games from a store location with lower prices or an earlier launch date, and start a new improved gaming experience right away.

Get fast and uninterrupted gameplay

When it comes to online games, a high-quality internet connection with no breaks is a must. But how to protect yourself from a nasty lag or a spotty connection? You need a gaming VPN, like VPN Unlimited, that offers a Personal VPN Server option. It will provide you with immense speed, as you do not share your bandwidth with thousands of other VPN users anymore. Select a VPN server close to the game’s server, and you will greatly reduce lag and ping.

A necessary tool for travelers

Are you a frequent traveler? Then you have probably faced the message “Sorry, this video is not available in your region.” However, it doesn’t mean that you have to deny yourself the pleasure of watching favorite videos back in your hotel room after a long day. Use a well-trusted VPN service and get full access to any of the web content you may need, including social networks, video and audio services, and sports channels.

Choosing the Right VPN Protocol for Your Needs

WireGuard: for Diverse Needs

Freelancers in coffee shops demand privacy and security on public Wi-Fi. WireGuard delivers lightning-fast speeds and robust security, ensuring safe browsing and data protection.

Gamers seeking low-latency connections can trust WireGuard's modern cryptography and top-tier performance for gaming supremacy.

WireGuard's advanced cryptography and exceptional performance make it the choice for secure data sharing among researchers and scientists, ensuring efficient and secure data transfer.

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IKEv2: Stability and Defense

Government agencies and officials rely on IKEv2 for secure communication, thanks to its stability and MOBIKE support.

Businesses managing server networks choose IKEv2 for secure connections within complex networks, thanks to its unwavering stability.

Individuals facing cyberattacks trust IKEv2 for added security with server certificate authentication to prevent man-in-the-middle and DoS attacks.

OpenVPN: Versatile and Comprehensive

Individuals concerned about identity theft trust OpenVPN for its robust security features and the ability to operate over both UDP and TCP.

Users interested in safeguarding their online interests and data rely on OpenVPN, thanks to its comprehensive security and ease of use.

Users employing VPN tools for various purposes choose OpenVPN for its versatility and compatibility with multiple platforms.

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KeepSolid Wise: Bypass Blocks Seamlessly

Users seeking to stream content from different regions and bypass geo-restrictions choose KeepSolid Wise, which incorporates TCP, UDP, and TLS protocols, ensuring seamless content streaming.

For accessing video streaming services with region-specific content, KeepSolid Wise TLS is an effective choice to bypass VPN blocks imposed by streaming platforms.

Remote workers and individuals needing a secure connection for work tasks benefit from TLS VPN Encryption, known for its strong security features that safeguard work-related data and ensure privacy.

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In the vast landscape of VPN protocols, finding the perfect match for your specific needs is pivotal. Each scenario necessitates a VPN protocol that aligns with its unique requirements, guaranteeing an optimal balance of security, speed, and usability. 
No matter what type of VPN you choose or what operating system you use, a legal VPNs such as VPN Unlimited is an excellent solution!

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