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Secure VPN for Online Banking

With its unmatched convenience, online banking has become an integral part of our lives. But it is also a lucrative field for personal data thieves and hackers. Whether you are logging in to your account to check the balance or make transfers, cyber criminals can take advantage of you. If you are performing transactions using a network you don’t control, i.e. a public hotspot, risks of getting your account data sniffed and stolen skyrocket.

A reasonable question arises “How to make my money safe and access my account securely?” VPN Unlimited has the answer — get a Personal Static IP and tie it to your online banking account.

How does assigning an IP for online banking work

Most banking services have their own protective security measures. One such measure is two factor authentication (2FA or TFA). But even that is not hacker-proof. Besides, you can’t push it too far when it comes to protecting your money.

Assigning a static IP address or a set of IPs to your online banking service is by far one of the most effective ways of protecting your sensitive data. What it means is that only those trusted IPs will be able to access your account. Through the use of a static VPN IP address, you will maximize security of your online banking account, as no one, including surveillance agencies and cyber criminals, will be able to get to your personal information and money.

Is VPN safe for online banking

This depends on the VPN provider. A free VPN app, say, may be stuffed with ads, record your actions, store data, and sell it to third parties. Besides, free VPN services may have more vulnerabilities and be more prone to IP leaks, which is definitely what you want to avoid using VPN software. 

On the other hand, a trusted VPN like VPN Unlimited is a great solution for online banking. Due to top-notch traffic encryption, it enhances your security online and doesn’t let any third parties and hackers snoop on you.  

Personal IP address ‚Äď for enhanced security of your banking

The special offer from VPN Unlimited, a Personal IP address, allows you to connect to your online banking system using a static IP, no matter where you are connecting from. This is an extra layer of security over your usual login and password protection that guarantee safety of your financial data.

Get a Personal dedicated IP address and add it to the list of trusted addresses, beside your home one. Thus, when you are travelling or connecting from a public WiFi hotspot, your online banking system will allow you to login instantly and securely, while denying everyone else even if they somehow know your login and password. 

VPN Unlimited protocols will encrypt your banking transactions. We take online banking security very seriously and are constantly taking measures to ensure ultimate protection of your sensitive data and money. Try VPN Unlimited and see it yourself! 

How to secure your online banking with Personal IP


Step 1

Download VPN Unlimited app.


Step 2

Create an account or log in.


Step 3

Get your own Personal IP.


Step 4

Connect to your Personal IP address via the app and enjoy secure banking online! 

Why is VPN Unlimited the best VPN for banking

  • To protect your data, VPN Unlimited uses military-grade encryption, considered strong enough to secure classified information. With such bullet-proof protection, you can be sure that your online activities, sensitive information, and bank transactions won‚Äôt ever fall into the wrong hands. 

  • Unlike many other VPN services, VPN Unlimited makes its users a special offer ‚Äď static Personal IP address with absolutely clean history. This means you won‚Äôt get blocked on websites due to other users‚Äô activities and can tie your Personal IP to your online banking account.

  • You can use one VPN Unlimited account on up to 10 devices simultaneously. And the VPN service is available for all most popular platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, as well as VPN extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. So whether you want to securely access your online banking account on your PC, laptop, iPhone, tablet, or any other device, we‚Äôve got you covered! 

  • VPN Unlimited offers more than 3000 secure servers in 80+ locations worldwide. If you select the same location as the country of your residence, your data will be protected with encryption and your bank won‚Äôt disrupt any transactions.

  • 37+ million security-aware netizens worldwide already use VPN Unlimited to safeguard their online activities. Join in and make your online banking absolutely secure. 

Protect your internet banking with VPN Unlimited!

Get your Personal IP address, secure your banking, and protect your money today!