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Enjoy the Best VPN for Japan

How to use VPN Unlimited in Japan

It’s no secret that Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and, as of recent years, 92% of the Japanese population are regular internet users. Even though Japanese internet freedom is considered to be well-protected, there are still some geo-restricted content as well as cybersecurity risks. Well, VPN Unlimited is here to fix this gross injustice.  

Our detailed guide to Japan proxy VPN includes the following information:

  • How to get Japan IP VPN address
  • How to benefit from our VPN for Japan to feel free while surfing the web 
  • Protection of your sensitive data while traveling from/to Japan from hackers and spies

Get the best VPN to watch streaming in Japan

Wonder how to unblock streaming content in Japan? We have a perfect solution for you. With the VPN Unlimited app, you can access your favorite movies and TV shows right from Japan. All you have to do is to get the app, start your 7-day free trial, go to the Servers tab, and connect to the appropriate server. Enjoy unrestricted access to video content wherever you are!

Choosing our VPN app you get unrestricted access to BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Now, Disney+, CBS All Access, and Amazon Prime video.

Protect your privacy with the best Japan VPN

  • Secure your personal data with military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Access streaming services, social media, and geo-restricted sites
  • Get protected on unsecured WiFi networks and public hotspots
  • Choose from 3000+ VPN servers in over 80 locations globally
  • Make use of additional features, e.g. Static IP or Personal VPN server

Japan Proxy vs Japan VPN - What to Choose

A proxy server can provide traffic isolation, and is usually used at the perimeter for securing, analyzing and monitor incoming network traffic according to its owner's security guidelines. A VPN is a secure way to store all data in the transmission channel to ensure that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. What else VPN can offer you?


  • To bypass censorship and gain access to restricted resources

  • Transfer of data is fluid and without restrictions.

  • Avoid annoying CAPTCHA routine


But if you want to use a proxy in Japan you need:


Step 1

Get a proxy server address you need to connect


Step 2

Connect it through settings (depending on your device):


Windows: Settings > Network & Internet 

macOS: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies 

iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Configure Proxy

Android: Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose your network > Modify Network > Advanced Options > Manual

How to use the best Japan VPN for university

Our Japan VPN is also the best choice for students to protect their data while on free university WiFi and to access restricted content, like social media apps. The features, which make our app the best Japan VPN for university, are as follows:

  • AES-256 encryption. Thanks to this encryption method, our app safeguards all the data on a device that is connected to any public WiFi. No unauthorized third party will be able to decode such data. 
  • Premium list of VPN servers. Choosing the appropriate VPN server from our list, you can get access to any content you need. Connect to the server location where the needed site is available and enjoy unrestricted access from anywhere.


How to get a Japanese IP address?

To get a Japanese IP address you need a reliable VPN service like VPN Unlimited. With our service, you can connect to the network with Japanese IP safely and quickly!

To protect your data while surfing online, VPN Unlimited uses an extremely secure AES-256 encryption protocol. Our VPN service will allow you to be protected from prying eyes when connecting to a Japanese server and get access to Japanese services, like online banking, if you are in another country. You can also hide your online activity from the ISP with VPN Unlimited.

To get a Japanese IP address you need:

  1. Acquire VPN Unlimited
  2. Log in with your KeepSolid ID or register a new one
  3. Select Japan in the Servers list
  4. Click "Connect"

How to get the best Japan VPN server from anywhere

The VPN Unlimited team strives to cover as many countries as possible with our VPN servers so that you can get an IP address that suits your needs best. For now, we provide our users with 3000+ VPN servers in more than 80 locations in the world. Japanese VPN server is included. So, if you want to get a VPN with Japan IP, VPN Unlimited is exactly what you need.  

All you have to do in order to get a Japan VPN server address is to download VPN Unlimited > go to the Servers tab > enter Japan in the Search field > connect to the server. Voila!

3 steps to get a Japan IP VPN


Step 2

Select our best Japan VPN server


Step 3

Access blocked websites in Japan

What makes VPN Unlimited the best VPN for Japan

Total security

With VPN Unlimited, you can freely send any kind of data over the internet within, from, or to Japan. Our anonymous VPN will negate any chance of unauthorized parties reading your info, including private information and sensitive data. 

1 account = 5/10 devices

With a single subscription, you can protect up to 5 different devices, including Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows, browser, and many other platforms. Additionally, this amount can be further increased.

Access to global streaming services

With our VPN, any Japanese can access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, and other streaming sites. That’s not to mention viewing other blocked sites in Japan like social media or torrents.

3000+ VPN servers in 80+ locations

With VPN Unlimited, you can virtually travel to and from Japan in a matter of seconds (IP address-wise, at least). Thus, you are free to bypass any restrictions enforced in Japan or any other state.

Compatibility of VPN Unlimited for Japan with your device

Japan VPN for smartphones

In case you always use a free public WiFi while on-the-go, you probably want to secure your smartphone. Luckily, you have an opportunity to get our Japan VPN for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. 

Japan VPN for desktop/laptop

With VPN Unlimited, you can also protect any computer. Set up our Japan VPN for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers with no fear of being hacked by cyber criminals. 

Japan VPN for other devices 

Choosing our VPN software, you can be sure it perfectly works with any of your internet-compatible devices. Our Japan VPN extension perfectly works in Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browsers. You can also set up our VPN for your home router.

Ready to try our Japan VPN software?

Download the app and get the 7-day free trial (no credit card required) + 30-day money back guarantee.