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Malicious Software & How VPN Can Protect You

Nowadays, we are besieged with all kinds of digital threats. The threats come in a variety of shapes and sizes and range from spies and online surveillance on your web activities to hackers and scammers you can come across anywhere on the web. One of the perils you face on the internet is malicious software.

What is malicious software and how to avoid it? How does VPN Unlimited protect against malware? Find it all out below! 

What is malicious software

Malicious software, or malware, is software created to infect and gain unauthorized access to your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or other devices. The effects of malware infection vary greatly. Some types of malware may be relatively harmless, bombarding you with ads, while others can be set to spy on you, steal private information, ransom your device or even damage it. Malware is generally used by cybercriminals to steal personal information, financial details from netizens and whole businesses. 

Best combination
 to protect from malware

KeepSolid has perfect tools to protect you from different types of attacks. Our solutions DNS Firewall and VPN Unlimited protect your data and online activity. DNS Firewall represents the first line of defense as it can stop malicious programs, detecting and blocking domains. VPN Unlimited encrypts your web traffic, securing data you send to the internet. A combination of these two solutions protects your web surfing like never before.

Types of malware

The different types of malware existing on the web include: 

  • Adware

    This type of malware is relatively innocuous, as it’s focused on making money rather than damaging your device. Normally, adware examples include pop-up ads in your browser or desktop, which you can’t get rid of.

    Though adware is usually considered just annoying, some of the ads you’re spammed with can include other malicious links and files. And interacting with them can potentially infect your computer with malware. Also, adware can be paired up with spyware to track your activities and steal sensitive information.   

  • Spyware

    As the name implies, spyware is created to spy on you. This malicious software hides in the background, monitoring your internet browsing and computer usage. Spyware can harvest passwords, emails, banking details, and other information and send all the gathered information to a remote user. Besides, some spyware can even do keystroke logging, make changes to security settings, or install other malicious apps without your permission. 

  • Ransomware

    Due to its ability to spread quickly and lead to costly damage, ransomware is quite a serious cyber threat. Its goal is to make profit. As soon as the malware infects a device via a system vulnerability, it encrypts the data and locks the user out. Ransomware victim is then asked to pay a ransom to decrypt the files. There is generally a time limit, and the message claims all your data will be deleted unless you make the payment. Some famous examples of ransomware include WannaCry, Locky, and NotPetya.

 The list with types of malicious software can go on and on... 

Malware is on the watch for you on every step

Local area networks in homes, offices, college campuses, and internet cafés are common breeding grounds for all kinds of adware, spyware and badware. An example of network malware are ill-intended packet sniffers. Such software intercepts data packets sent over the network and stores them for a hacker to review and extract information out of.

It is quite hard for users and network administrators to identify presence of traffic sniffers in the network. And even if identified, there isn’t much that can be done to stop them. A far more efficient approach is rendering the intercepted data completely unusable and not worth the bother.

How to protect your privacy online

The solution is a virtual private network. VPN Unlimited app is an additional layer of security that offers an encrypted connection between your device and one of its secure servers. All data sent or received over the internet will be 'tunneled' through it. Our service effectively blocks spyware’s ability to access your private information. VPN Unlimited allows you to securely browse the web without allowing attackers to see your every move and get access to your sensitive data.

We offer the VPN Unlimited app for such platforms like macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Phone. Our customers have access to hundreds of high-speed secure servers worldwide. We have data centers in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Not sure which server to connect to? Use the Optimal Server feature or run the Ping Test to determine the one that suits you best!

MonoDefense® security bundle for advanced online protection

Prevention is better than cure. To help you avoid malware, protect your online data, we’ve designed a special security bundle that combines ultimate solutions including DNS Firewall to defend against malware infections, and VPN Unlimited itself.

Let’s take a closer look at DNS Firewall. It is a bullet-proof network solution that intercepts DNS resolution and fulfills the following tasks: 

  • Blocks malicious traffic 
  • Prevents malware infection 
  • Helps you avoid inappropriate content
  • Lets you enjoy safer web browsing 

In other terms, DNS Firewall safeguards your web activities and blocks malicious websites in real-time, as you surf the web. Get the MonoDefense security bundle now and start your worry-free browsing right away!

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Avoid Malware with VPN Unlimited and Stay Safe Online

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