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What Is FTP and How to Protect Your Privacy While Transfering Files

One of the most used applications for file transfer is File Transfer Protocol or FTP. If you have downloaded file types such as music, e-books, movies, games from the Internet and used cloud-based services to share these files, you are actually using FTP without realizing it. It provides a fast transfer of high-dimensional data between two computers connected to the Internet. If you want to transfer your files to your website, you can also do it easily thanks to the FTP application. You can use the FTP application to download files as well as upload files.

What are The Secure Alternatives to FTP

Although FTP is a successful system, file sharing systems like BitTorrent offer more advanced and secure forms of file sharing. Apart from BitTorrent, there are various different secure alternatives, and everyone is asking the same question: “Which of the following is a secure alternative to FTP?”. Drive, Yandex Disk, Box, and Dropbox are great alternatives to FTP. Along with these modern cloud storage systems, the need for FTP for file sharing has largely been eliminated, but still, some web developers and server administrators use FTP.

In addition, as an alternative to all of these, one can access the files from the administration panel of your server and upload additional files or delete your files from there. Although a bit slow, this method is also secure.

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However, whatever alternative you use, data sharing and downloading operations over the internet still pose a risk. People's IP addresses, location information, and other sensitive information could be exposed. Unfortunately, FTP systems may fall short of providing security in this regard. For example, if you do not want to reveal your IP and location when you are downloading something from the Internet, these systems will not help you, but VPN Unlimited, developed by KeepSolid, will! Your IP address and related location will always remain hidden, and you can surf the internet freely and without any worries.

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Is it safe and legal to use a VPN?

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