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VPN vs. HTTPS: Security, Anonymity, and Privacy

Nowadays, there are lots of technologies and applications for reliable and secure internet connections. In this piece, we are going to review HTTPS and VPN, which seem to be the same. But do not get confused. HTTPS and VPN do similar things in different ways. How exactly? Keep reading to learn this and figure out the difference between VPN and HTTPS once and for all!

HTTPS and VPN: Quick Comparison

Let’s take a look at VPN vs. HTTPS quick comparison. What do HTTPS and VPN have in common? How secure are they? Do any of these solutions help to bypass geo-blocking? Find out the answers below!

HTTPS VPN Unlimited
Encrypts only browser traffic Ciphers all internet traffic using AES 256-bit encryption
Is vulnerable to Root Certificate Attacks Holds up against Root Certificate Attacks
Doesn’t provide an IP masking feature Conceals your actual IP address with a virtual one
Doesn’t affect content availability Allows to access previously blocked content


Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, abbreviated as HTTPS, is a connection protocol used by browsers to communicate with internet sources like websites, streaming services, social media networks, online applications, and whatnot.

As we are on the same page, HTTPS protocol differs from its unsecured counterpart HTTP with the letter S, which means Security, and the padlock icon that appears next to the website URL address. This padlock icon displays due to the TLS encryption protocol and shows your internet connection is reliably protected.

One of the great HTTPS benefits is preventing your ISP, government, and other third parties from looking over your shoulder. Thanks to the TLS encryption, they can only see what websites you visit, not what you do there. Thus, it is essential to check whether the website you visit uses HTTPS. If it doesn't, all data you provide on this website are at risk.

What Is VPN

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a security solution that creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the world wide web and transmits both the incoming and outgoing traffic through this tunnel. As a result, your online activities are reliably hidden from the government, ISP, and other unauthorized parties even if you visit unprotected websites.

VPN working principle

  1. First of all, our Virtual Private Network (same as other VPN solutions) utilizes the AES-256 encryption to cipher your internet traffic and make it look like gibberish for any unauthorized users.
  2. Then, VPN Unlimited creates a secure connection, also known as a secure virtual tunnel, and reroutes your traffic through this tunnel.
  3. Finally, it disguises your actual IP address and geo-location, so you can bypass internet censorship and stay safe online.

More about VPN technology

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VPN vs. HTTPS Security: What Is the Difference between VPN and HTTPS

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure protocol implements end-to-end encryption. VPN Unlimited provides encryption from your device to the chosen virtual server.
  • HTTPS is a secure layer provided by websites and could not be switched off by users. VPN is a dedicated app that works on a user's device.
  • HTTPS reliably protects your browser traffic. Virtual Private Network secures all internet traffic of your device.
  • HTTPS protocol provides no features to protect your online activities from cyber attacks and unforeseen breaches. VPN offers lots of additional security features to stay safe on the web.
  • HTTPS protects the connection between your browser and the website’s server, while VPN safeguards your connection between your device and the internet.

Final Thoughts on HTTPS and VPN Comparison

Both of these technologies aim to safeguard your internet connection, but they operate in different ways and are better at different things. However, it doesn't matter that you have to choose between the two.

Using both HTTPS and VPN Unlimited together is a great way to stay protected on the internet. Want to explore safe, private, and unrestricted online access? Keep both these solutions!

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