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What is the Difference between VPN and MPLS: MPLS vs. VPN Comparison

If you are wondering what is the difference between VPN and MPLS, you have come to the right place! In this piece, we are going to compare MPLS vs. VPN security, connection speed, and encryption.

Quick Comparison: MPLS vs. VPN

Let’s start with a quick comparison between MPLS and VPN technologies.

Provides multipoint technology only Provides both point-to-point and multipoint technologies
Works between 2 and 3 OSI layers Works on up to 7 OSI layer
Offers no IP address masking feature Masks your actual IP address with a virtual one
No encryption Ciphers all data using AES 256-bit encryption
Can be used on any three-layer devices Supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, browsers, routers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles
Offers features to manage traffic Provides traffic management

What Is MPLS

Multi-Protocol Label Switching, or MPLS for short, is a protocol that routes packets using labels instead of IP addresses. This technology creates direct virtual links between different nodes regardless of locations and distances and directs data between these network nodes.

What Is VPN

A Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as VPN, is a virtual network within a physical network. This technology creates an impenetrable tunnel between your device and the world wide web and transmits all data through this tunnel. As a result, any unauthorized parties can not access your information.

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What Is the Difference between VPN and MPLS

Both these technologies are developed to modify your internet connection and safeguard your online data. The difference between them is how they go about that.

  • Thanks to a labeled map for your packets of data, MPLS eliminates the need for multiple IP lookups and, thus, implements more quickly and privately packets transmission between routers.
  • VPN utilizes IP lookups. However, a virtual network protects your sensitive information by encrypting and routing this data through an impenetrable tunnel.

More about VPN technology

Is MPLS More Secure than VPN

Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology, as well as Virtual Private Network, aims to safeguard your data and traffic. Let’s take a closer look at MPLS vs. VPN security.

MPLS security

Since MPLS reduces the number of individual IP lookups, it is less vulnerable to certain types of hacking.

However, if the MPLS equipment wasn’t set up properly, especially at the edges of the network where routers perform IP lookups, your data might be at stake.

Furthermore, since MPLS traffic is not encrypted, if someone gets lucky to find a way into your private network, your privacy could be at risk. Once the hacker gets in, they easily access all of your passwords, banking details, and other sensitive unciphered information.

VPN security

Virtual Private Network uses several layers of defense to protect your private information. Since your data is routed through VPN servers located in other countries through virtual tunnels, it would be difficult for a hacker to get to it.

However, even if any cybercriminal breaks into your internet traffic, they cannot be able to make sense of your data, since it’s encrypted.

To top it off, some VPNs, including VPN Unlimited, offer a set of extra security features.

FAQ on MPLS vs. VPN comparison

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VPN vs. MPLS: Which One Is Better to Choose

Both these technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing VPN vs. MPLS, pay attention to your requirements: cost, security, reliability, connection speed, and whatnot.

  • If the lightning-fast connection speed is a must, MPLS is a perfect solution.
  • VPN is suitable for those who value online security and data protection.

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