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Tor vs VPN Unlimited Review and Comparison

Have you ever hear about Tor? Probably, yes. But is it as safe and secure as it is declared? Let us compare Tor with the best VPN. Tor vs VPN Unlimited review and comparison. Let’s compare the best VPN and Tor by:

Tor vs VPN Unlimited Review Table


VPN Unlimited

Tor Browser Logo / Item


Hides your IP from websites
Access to the Dark Web
Helps bypass geo-blocking
Encrypts traffic
Privacy protection
Protection on public WiFi
Requires a specific browser No Yes
Infrastructure maintenance
Protects your whole device
Built-in Kill Switch
Rating: 5 2.5

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The Best VPN for 2023

As you can see from this Tor vs VPN Unlimited review, Tor comes nowhere near to what a full-fledged, dedicated VPN can do. The only (arguable) reason to use Tor over a VPN is if you want to browse the Dark Web. Or, perhaps, if you wish a free way to get a minimal degree of online privacy. For literally every other purpose, VPN Unlimited will work significantly better than Tor.


Encrypts data

With VPN Unlimited, your internet traffic and data is reliably protected with AES-256 encryption technology. This ensures the security of your personal info and sensitive data, making it completely unreadable to any unauthorized observers and spies.


Private and anonymous

You can connect to any of VPN Unlimited’s 3000+ servers in 80+ regions worldwide. Your real IP address will thus be hidden, and anyone looking will only see the VPN server’s IP address. Your online identity and anonymity are safe with us!

Beats geo-blocking

No matter what website you wish to access, be it a streaming channel, torrent, news site, or social media service, and no matter what obstacles you face, VPN Unlimited will be there to help. Whatever kind of geo-blocking or internet censorship content distributors or the government throws at you, with our app you won’t even notice anything.


Flexibly priced

VPN Unlimited makes it easy to get the type of subscription that will suit your needs specifically. And if you wish to try our VPN app before paying anything, it’s also totally possible with the free 7-day trial period. Your subscription will also be conveniently customizable, extra device slots, personal servers, or static IPs available to you at a moment’s notice.


How to Set Up a VPN

In 2023, it’s super easy to configure and install the winner of Tor vs VPN Unlimited review:


Log in and choose a VPN server

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Do You Need Both Tor and VPN?

To be able to answer this question, we first need to figure out how each application works and at which points they can synergize (if at all).

How Tor works

“Tor” is the acronym of the project’s original name, “The Onion Router.” The “onion” part comes from the fact that this service routes your data through multiple layers of security (essentially, nodes) before it reaches its final destination. Thus, Tor primarily protects you against someone revealing your personal identity and location. It prevents spies from monitoring your data as it travels between your computer and the web. 

Tor downsides

By default, Tor does not allow you to choose the location from which your device will access the web. Not to mention, Tor traffic can be recognized by most websites, allowing them to block you. Tor also has the problem of connections having to pass through Tor entry and exit nodes. These relays are public, which allows anyone, from your ISP, to the Government know when you’re using Tor. Even if they can’t see what exactly you’re doing online, or who you are, they will know you’re doing something seemingly shady.

Using Tor with VPN

Anonymous though it may be, Tor hardly brings enough value to the table to validate using Tor and VPN Unlimited together. And when you consider the drawbacks - loss of speed, potential of blocking your access to a network altogether, your traffic looking suspicious to the websites you visit… All in all, we’d highly discourage you from using VPN Unlimited and Tor simultaneously for any general purpose.

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