VPN Services Comparison: PureVPN vs VPN Unlimited

Check out VPN Unlimited and PureVPN reviews and find out which one is the best Virtual Private Network provider for 2023:

Comparison Table: PureVPN vs VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited


Secure data encryption AES-256 AES-256
1st party DNS servers
OpenVPN protocol
Number of locations 80+ 180+
Servers for Streaming
Available connections 5-10 5
$ / Month (Annual Pricing) 5.00 5.83
Accepts Crypto Currency
Anonymous payment method Email
Free trial 7 days, unlimited usage 3 days, at $2.50
Rating: 5 3

Best VPN Service Comparison 2023: Which VPN to Choose

According to the VPN services comparison table, VPN Unlimited beats out PureVPN. Both of these Virtual Private Network providers offer a multitude of security protocols to make web surfing completely anonymous and untraceable. However, VPN Unlimited provides more features for secure and fast browsing. Let’s take a closer look at these features.


Privacy and security

VPN Unlimited provides military-grade 256-bit encryption. When your secure connection is established, all data that you send or receive is reliably encrypted. No third parties such as hackers, spies, or cyber-criminals will be able to get access to your personal information.

Anonymity on the web

Thanks to the virtual IP assignment feature, you can conceal your real IP address and geo-location, become anonymous on the web, and get the ability to browse the internet more privately. Also, our secure application follows the zero-log policy - we don’t track or collect your traffic info.

Access to any content

Tear down any online restrictions, limitations, or geo-blocking and gain full access to any sites, services, and web-applications. VPN Unlimited provides more than 3000 servers in over 80 locations, so simply choose a proper server from the Servers list and enjoy secure browsing.

Convenient terms and pricing

VPN Unlimited offers a variety of subscriptions, from a 1-month plan to Lifetime. Also, you only need a single account to connect all your devices (up to 10). VPN Unlimited is a cross-platform application, so it doesn’t matter whether you have the Samsung phone, iOS tablet, or the Linux laptop. You can secure all of them!

How to Set Up a VPN

In 2023, it takes no hassle to set up and use the best home VPN:


Log in and choose a VPN server

Download VPN Unlimited for Any Device

VPN Unlimited is compatible with all major operating systems. Choose yours, download our app, and make your web browsing experience faster, easier, and more secure.

How to access video streaming in 2023

Get the VPN Unlimited service subscription

Go to the Downloads page, choose your platform, and download the VPN Unlimited security solution for your device. After the load completes, launch the app and create a KeepSolid ID. Choose your perfect subscription plan and receive a bonus - 7-day free trial.

Connect to a streaming server

Now you need to log in using your KeepSolid ID and go to the Servers List. Select a Streaming tab and choose one of the provided servers - Hulu, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, etc. Click the Start button to connect to the chosen Virtual Private Network server and get the all-access pass to the chosen streaming website.


It’s high time to try VPN Unlimited

Download VPN Unlimited and start your secure browsing experience here and now. Gain access to your favorite TV shows and movies anytime, and anywhere!