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Buy Crypto with Robinhood App Through VPN

Cryptocurrency and online trade is a hot topic of discussion. Many people are aware of what cryptocurrency is and buying bitcoins becomes an ordinary task for some of them. Ascent of bitcoin in contrast to economic shocks and financial swings has been attracting new users to the crypto sphere in the past couple of years.

However, beginners may have many questions and the lack of answers can lead to financial losses and failures. We will tell you how to avoid this and how to choose a legit trade platform like Robinhood App.

What Is Robinhood App and Is It Safe Enough

Success in digital trade partially depends on the trading platform. It is important to find a reliable and up-to-date service. The main criteria for choosing a trading platform are reliability, exchange reputation, interface and support, transparency, and regulation.

If a new user tries to make the perfect choice, the Robinhood App is an option. This investing solution covers all the points of an ideal platform. Robinhood App security team encrypts sensitive data, ensuring that it will be safe from hackers.

Robinhood App Security Measures

Firstly, Robinhood platform implements Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which provides you with an extra level of security. It requires two sources of verification: something you know (your password) and something you have (the code you generate or receive to your device). It’s much harder for attackers and malware to gain access to both simultaneously. 

Secondly, Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with up-to-date configurations allows mobile and web applications to connect to servers securely. Sensitive data, like social security numbers or bank credentials, is encrypted before storing. 

And finally, the login process and password are covered by several security measures. TouchID, FaceID, and custom PIN code allow you to log in to the application and BCrypt additionally encrypts your account password. BCrypt is a standard hashing algorithm. Despite the best kind of repute that can be achieved for a cryptographic algorithm, it is not optimally secure. Go on reading to learn more about additional security for your sensitive data.

Robinhood Killer Features

Robinhood App pioneered free trading with a set of special functions that make it especially attractive for beginner traders:

  • Security. Two-factor authentication (2FA) and FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance on USD balances.  
  • Commission Fee. Their claim to fame was zero commission for stock, options, or cryptocurrency trading. 
  • Supported Currencies. Robinhood Platform offers seven coins, including the most popular: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. 
  • Ease of Use. Robinhood App is an incredibly user-friendly platform and suits perfect for first-time investors. 
  • Coverage. Robinhood is supported in almost all countries, except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to log in to your account from those regions. 




  Without VPN Unlimited With VPN Unlimited
Secure internet activity    
Safety of sensitive data    
Invisible real IP    
Free access to crypto platforms    
Upgraded privacy    

How to use Robinhood App with VPN Unlimited

Getting access to any restricted online service is easier than it seems. Protecting your privacy is a bit more difficult. But it’s possible to kill two birds with one stone if you are using VPN Unlimited. The following steps will improve your anonymity and allow you to log in to Robinhood App with VPN to trade crypto wherever you want.


Note: VPN Unlimited is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.


Download VPN Unlimited. You receive 7 days of free trial to check out this VPN-application for Robinhood App. A valuable option is that you may buy a paid subscription, with a Bitcoin as a payment method.


Log in with your KeepSolid ID, or create a new one (in the first case the 7-day free trial will be unavailable).


Connect to a VPN server in any location suitable for you.


Make your first deposit and enjoy Robinhood app!

Benefits of VPN Unlimited For Cryptocurrency Transactions

Bypassing Crypto Geo-Restrictions

You can switch your IP address to more than 80 locations to get access to geo-restricted crypto exchanges with a VPN. Regional limitations are tied to governments that deem some content to be sensitive or offensive. Even so, you still have access to it wherever you are. Check out the list of our server locations and choose a server!

No-log policy

Our no-logs VPN solution doesn’t track your traffic and doesn’t screen what you type into Google or what currency you buy. Your downloads will also stay anonymous and can not be disclosed to third parties or official authorities. 

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Kill Switch

To ensure the encryption of your data and to avoid any leaks, the Kill Switch option is a vital feature. It automatically disconnects your device from the internet if your VPN connection fails. Your real location and essential information stay protected from any third parties.

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5/10 devices per account

A single VPN Unlimited subscription allows connecting a number of devices side by side. Your plan supports up to 5 or even 10 gadgets. Additional device slots are also available, covering all your cell phones or laptops no matter what platform they belong to.


No issues. Just Log in to Robinhood App with VPN

Download VPN Unlimited and bypass the limits!