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Rating VPN Providers: AirVPN vs VPN Unlimited

Looking for the best VPN client for 2023? You’ve landed in the right place! We’ve made an in-depth VPN Unlimited vs AirVPN review for you to make an informed decision. Reviewing the best VPN’s

VPN Services Comparison Table: Finding the Best VPN for 2023


VPN Unlimited


OpenVPN Protocol
Wireguard Protocol
Allows Torrenting
Strength of Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Windows Phone Support
VPN Extension for Opera
VPN Extension for Mozilla
Number of Countries 80 16
Number of Servers 3000+ 138
Number of Devices Unlimited 5
Accepts Crypto Currency
Accepts Cash
Personal IP
Personal Servers
$ / month (3-year subscription) 2.78 3.05
Lifetime Subscription
Trial 7 days 3 days, upon request
Money-back Guarantee 30 days 3 days
Rating: 5 4

Rating VPN Providers: Who Wins VPN Unlimited vs AirVPN Review

In this review of AirVPN and VPN Unlimited, VPN Unlimited beats out AirVPN in a number of aspects. It offers support of a wider range of platforms, has much more VPN servers around the world, and provides a variety of extra options to extend and level up your protection.


Secure your data

To ensure top-notch protection of your sensitive data, VPN Unlimited applies military-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm. All your internet traffic is directed through the encrypted tunnel, so you can surf the web on any network, including unsecured WiFi hotspots, absolutely worry-free.

Stay private and anonymous online

When VPN Unlimited is on, no one can track your online activities and tie them back to your identity. Your real IP address gets hidden and you get a Virtual IP address of the chosen VPN server. Due to encryption, even your ISP can no longer see your browsing history, so you stay completely anonymous online.

Bypass content restrictions

Getting the message Content unavailable in your region? VPN Unlimited will help you bypass the restrictive geo-blocks wherever you are! With 3000+ servers in more than 80 locations around the world, you’ll definitely find the one that provides access to the desired content. Besides, using the specially designed KeepSolid Wise protocol, you can bypass restrictions even in countries with such strict internet censorship as China, Russia, UAE, etc.

Enjoy convenient terms and pricing

Both VPN Unlimited and AirVPN reviewed here, offer a variety of subscriptions to suit any needs, from 3-day to a 3-year plan. On top of it, VPN Unlimited also provides a number of extra options for extended protection: additional device slots, Personal IP address, Personal VPN Server belonging to you only, and VPN for teams. So you can customize your VPN protection as you wish!

How to Set Up a VPN

In 2023, it takes no hassle to set up and use the best home VPN:


Log in and choose a VPN server

Download VPN Unlimited for Any Device


The winner of this VPN services comparison is almost yours! Download VPN Unlimited for any device you need and explore all its benefits for free during your 7-day trial!

Guide on Choosing a VPN for 2023

Here’s what you should consider to choose a VPN that best suits your needs:

Figure out why you need a VPN

The reasons netizens opt for a VPN service may be different: some get a VPN uniquely to stream Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc., others need it while traveling to overcome internet censorship and to stay secure on public WiFi hotspots. Reasons vary, and the same is true for the feature set of different VPN providers. Though basic functionality includes traffic encryption and hiding your real IP.

Want to protect the entire home network? Look for a VPN that allows multiple connections and which you can set up on your router. 

Compare features of VPN services

Once you figure out your VPN needs, compare VPN services and their features to get the most suitable one. If you plan to use VPN for torrenting, make sure it has the Kill Switch feature. If you’re going to travel to China or other countries with strict internet censorship, the KeepSolid Wise protocol of VPN Unlimited app will come in handy. 

To make the task of choosing a VPN easier for you, we’ve already compared VPN Unlimited and AirVPN. Whatever your purpose, VPN Unlimited is quite an advanced solution to cater to the needs of the most demanding user.

Choose a VPN with reliable customer service

However good a VPN solution is, it still can have occasional hiccups. And is such cases you need to be sure there is a customer support team ready to help you out 24/7. Their reply time really matters, as you may expose your data while VPN is off. If it takes days to answer your request, you definitely need another VPN service.

Customer support team at KeepSolid replies within just an hour, so whatever issue you may face with VPN Unlimited is resolved the soonest possible!

Try VPN Unlimited without any risks!

Grab the opportunity to explore VPN Unlimited for 7 days for absolutely free. Go anonymous, safe, and unrestricted online now!