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While connecting with VPN, my virtual IP address is detected in the wrong country. What should I do?

iOS: Unable to connect

iOS: Cannot disable VPN / Unable to use the internet

macOS: Unable to connect / Virtual and real IP addresses are same

iOS/macOS: There is no internet after I establish VPN connection. Nothing works. What should I do?

Android: Could not connect to server / VPN service has not been started due to internal exception

Android: Unable to tap OK/Allow for the permission request to run the application

Android: Unable to log in

Android: The inactive check box 'Trust this app' on an Android device

General: I’m getting low connection speed with VPN. What to do?

General: If you come across the message ‘You have exceeded the allowed number of devices on your account’

General: 'Code 0' or 'System maintenance 505’

Linux: Unable to connect

Windows: Unable to connect

Browser Extension: 505 error

Browser Extension: 500 error

Devices in my local network are no longer available after I establish VPN connection. What should I do?

I can’t make or receive video calls on WhatsApp. What should I do?

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