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Cheap Online Shopping with VPN Unlimited

Did you know that some companies offer different prices for their products in different countries? It’s called regional pricing strategy and it’s pretty common with online shopping in general and especially with plane tickets, hotels, online games and goods, and electronic software distribution (ESD). 

Regional pricing strategy is usually based on several factors, including currency exchange rates and local sales trends. It pretty much comes down to leveling prices in accord with the purchasing power of a population. This might even seem reasonable, until YOU become the victim of it. Which is more common than you may think!

How regional pricing strategies affect our lives

You’ve likely been in situations where you were looking to buy stuff online at a profit. You know, cheap shopping apps and sites, cheaper in-app purchases, cheapest places in the world to buy iPhone, that kind of stuff. You seem to find a good bargain, purchase a product, and then after a while find out it can be bought times cheaper in other countries. 

Taking Steam as an example, we can expect the difference between the highest and lowest regional price of a new title reaching as much as 40 dollars. Want to get games cheaper on Steam? Well, too bad, you’ll be forced to overpay unless you’re in the right region. A similar ratio goes for the airline tickets market, but on a bigger scale. 

How to find cheap online shopping sites and apps with VPN Unlimited

  1. Download VPN Unlimited for free 
  2. Sign in to the app with your KeepSolid ID or create a new one
  3. Open the VPN server list located under the START button
  4. Connect to a VPN server located in a region that offers cheaper games, in-app purchases, products, etc.
  5. Enjoy cheap online shopping!

Life hacks to turn regional pricing policy to your advantage

Regional pricing strategies, despite how unfair they feel, provide shrewd users with certain opportunities - to actually utilize regional pricing strategy for their own benefit. While regional pricing may seem puzzling and questionable, it allows for some neat life hacks that can save you a ton of money.

There are sites that track differences in regional prices, or you can perform such research yourself to find the cheapest online prices for similar products and services. Find a country that has the best offer and use VPN Unlimited to connect to a VPN server located in that country. This same principle works for many areas of online shopping.

However questionable regional pricing might be, you have tricks at your disposal that can help you make it work in your favor, so why not use them?

Save money on flights

Airline sites have been reported to use cookies to upcharge clients on flights they take or check often. This means that if you want to buy cheap airline tickets, you’re going to have to make a thorough initial search.

  1. Check offers from different VPN locations.
  2. It has been reported that you can find cheaper airfares by connecting to VPN servers in lower-income places like India and Mexico, be sure to check those first.
  3. More affluent areas and larger cities often charge more for airfare, meaning you might want to start with a few smaller countries.
  4. Hopping around a few countries, compare prices to see where they are smaller
  5. Keep in mind there’s a bit of randomness with cheap airfare - sometimes you’ll find better deals in locations that used to show bad results. So don’t stick to a single VPN server just because you’ve found cheap airline tickets with it once.

Save money on hotels

Same tricks also work with finding cheap hotels online. Most lodging sites use clients’ IP addresses to determine their unique pricing structure. This allows you to out-trick websites into showing you better prices for their deals with VPN Unlimited.

  1. Check prices around the immediate location where you are going to stay. 
  2. Cheaper deals can be found if the location where you’re planning to stay and the location you’re browsing from are near each other (rates for locals are typically cheaper than for tourists).
  3. Not booking your reservation too far in advance can also allow you to find cheaper rooms. Statistically, the lowest hotel rates are usually found between 21 and 28 days before moving in.

Why VPN Unlimited is the best for cheap online shopping

Considering the great many server locations we offer (3000+ VPN servers in over 80 regions), you’ll always be able to find better prices, get games on Steam cheaper, as well as tickets and other goods online.

VPN Unlimited encrypts your traffic using AES-256 protocol and tunnels it through one of its secure servers in one of many server locations around the world. Consequently, for the site or service that you visit your traffic looks as if coming from a different country.

VPN Unlimited offers easy-to-use apps for all major systems: 

Save your money with VPN Unlimited!

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