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Comparison of Gom VPN and VPN Unlimited

Trying to find the best service to unblock any restricted content on the web? Read more to learn about the best VPN extension for Chrome.

Comparison Table of Services: Gom VPN vs VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited


Two-Factor Authentication
Number of VPN locations worldwide 80+ locations Unknown
Encryption AES-256
Kill Switch
Logging policy No Logs No Logs
Chrome Extension
Customer Support
30-day money-back guarantee
Lifetime Plan
Pricing ($/mo) $9.99 $4.99
Rating: 5 1

A Brief Review of Gom VPN

Gom VPN is a Chrome extension that offers nothing but unblocking some geo-restricted or censored sites. Gom VPN encrypts your traffic but its encryption algorithms are unclear. So, it’s hard to conclude its security or safety.

The service seems to be extremely low on features as it has no settings, choice of server, or any other options. One toggle button on the main screen is the only functionality you receive with this app. As Android or iOS apps are no longer supported, Gom is available only as a Chrome extension. 

What Is the Best Alternative to Gom VPN

The Gom VPN Extension for Chrome can hardly meet the needs of a common user. If you are searching for a decent VPN service, it is better to find an adequate alternative. VPN Unlimited is one of them. It has a set of features and benefits that will cover the requirements of any user. 

Privacy and security

VPN Unlimited implements a secure AES-256 encryption protocol to protect your data. This protocol is bulletproof to brute force attacks. AES-256 is used by the US Government to protect its top-secret information, so it will probably be secure enough for VPN Unlimited users as well.

Available VPN-servers

Our Gom VPN alternative for Chrome has more than 500 high-speed servers across 80+ locations all over the globe. You can always check the full list of available servers here. All of them have equal performance and reliability.

No-Log policy

The online privacy of users is KeepSolid’s key priority. That’s why VPN Unlimited doesn’t collect any information about your online activity. To make sure that unauthorized parties and cybercriminals will not access your sensitive data, our Gom VPN alternative doesn’t log your browsing history or downloaded files. What is private remains private. 

Supported Protocols

All our servers guarantee top security, high speed, and unlimited access to your favorite content wherever you are. We use different protocols for different platforms: OpenVPN on Android and Windows, IKEv2 on macOS and iOS. And if your network blocks VPNs, you can use the KeepSolid Wise protocol. It allows you to get free access to any web content in Chrome and on any other platform.

How to Set Up a VPN

It is pretty easy to start using the best alternative to Gom VPN:


Log in and choose a server

Check out our multiplatform alternative to Gom VPN!

Download VPN Unlimited and protect your web traffic in Chrome or other browsers!

What Features Make Our Gom Alternative the Best Choice

Trying to find the best VPN service, it is necessary to compare essential functions and learn more about extra features of the apps. Let’s check them out!

Wide range of settings

Advanced settings allow you to adjust the app as you like. In VPN Unlimited you can choose a suitable protocol from WireGuard®, OpenVPN®, IPSec, etc., turn on Kill Switch, choose an Auto Connect option, and set many other options. Gom VPN doesn’t allow any settings in its app so that the best online experience is not guaranteed. 

Flexible pricing policy

VPN Unlimited offers different plans: per month, per year, and lifetime. You can also buy a MonoDefense security package with a VPN Unlimited client included. For a reasonable price, you receive a set of safe services that make your web routine easier.

Available platforms

The KeepSolid solution allows you to browse securely on all popular platforms. You can connect on your mobile iOS or Android devices, desktop macOS or Windows, browser extensions, and many other devices. Unblock any restricted content without any doubts about your safety. 

Customer support

VPN Unlimited has 24/7 Customer Support. Live Chat is always available, just click the Contact Us or Support button and get help. You can always contact us with your email via [email protected]. We are ready to help you with any questions related to our services. 

FAQ on using our best alternative to Gom VPN

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Get VPN Unlimited and protect your web surfing!

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