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Best VPNs Review: Ivacy VPN vs VPN Unlimited

Epic showdown you’ve all been waiting for! Ivacy VPN vs VPN Unlimited - which one emerges as the best VPN? Should you download Ivacy VPN or KeepSolid VPN? Our review will show it all!

VPN Unlimited vs Ivacy VPN: Review Table


VPN Unlimited

Ivacy VPN

Free Trial 7 days
Price per Month $9.99 $9.95
Accepts Cryptocurrency
Devices per Account Up to 10 Up to 5
24/7 Live Support
Browser Extensions
Server Locations 80+ 50+
No-Log Policy

Personal IP Option
Servers for P2P download
Dedicated Streaming Servers
IP Leak Test
Rating: 5 3

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More About Our Review of Ivacy VPN vs KeepSolid VPN

As you can see from the table, Ivacy VPN is outmatched by VPN Unlimited in several important aspects. When choosing between the two, it’s clear that the latter option is more advantageous.


Protection of your privacy

Both the Ivacy VPN and VPN Unlimited conceal your real IP address, which is a cornerstone of your privacy. However, where Ivacy VPN is lacking is in the number of server locations. Ivacy VPN only offers 50+ compared to 80+ that are available with VPN Unlimited. Other drawbacks include no IP leak test (you won’t know if Ivacy VPN is leaking your data) and no Personal IPs (you share your virtual IP with other users).

Credible VPN protocols

If you value your security, it’s paramount to use a VPN protocol that protects you well enough. Ivacy VPN offers a decent selection of protocols. Some are faster, some are more secure. Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN doesn’t support the newest, fastest, and most secure VPN protocol out there - WireGuard. And that’s where VPN Unlimited comes in, as we have been supporting the top-notch WireGuard for quite some time now.

​​Full-featured free trial

Free 7-day trial + 30-day money-back guarantee = a total of 37 days to explore VPN Unlimited without committing to spending any money. As opposed to this, you can only download Ivacy VPN after you’ve purchased a subscription, which is significantly less beneficial.

Convenience and usability

Ivacy VPN also lacks certain smaller, yet life-changing features. No browser extensions, no dedicated streaming servers (meaning no guarantee that you won’t lose access to channels they currently unblock), less convenient terms, etc. So why not get more - with VPN Unlimited?

You deserve the best service!

When choosing between Ivacy VPN vs KeepSolid VPN, choose the one that will serve you better

How to Download Ivacy VPN’s Superior Alternative

Get VPN Unlimited in 3 simple steps:



Create a new account
or sign in with an existing one


Connect to a VPN server
and enjoy unlimited internet freedom

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