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VPN Unlimited vs Turbo VPN: Review and Comparison

In this VPN rating, we review Turbo VPN to see if it is a good and safe alternative to VPN Unlimited. Learn everything you need to know about the Turbo VPN app in our review!

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VPN Unlimited is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

VPN Unlimited vs Turbo VPN Rating Table


VPN Unlimited

Turbo VPN

Average Time to Connect 15ms 19ms
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Life Chat
Starting Price per Month $4.99 $4.17
Free Trial 7 days 7 days
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days
Server Locations 500+ 13
Accepts Cryptocurrency

# of locations 80+ 5
Devices per Account 5-10 1
Data Encryption AES-256 n/a
Connection Obfuscation Via UDP, TCP, TLS
WireGuard® Protocol
Supports WiFi Routers
Browser Extensions
Kill Switch
# of Unblocked Streaming Channels 9 5
Servers for p2p download
Rating: 5 2.5

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More About the Winner of Our VPN Unlimited vs Turbo VPN Review

As you can see in our rating table, Turbo VPN is outmatched by VPN Unlimited by a wide margin. There’s little to no competition between the two - VPN Unlimited simply offers more, at a better price and higher quality.


Data and traffic protection

There are several items in our Turbo VPN review that really give away why it’s not that great for your security. First of all, it’s the absence of AES-256 encryption - this technology is absolutely necessary to make sure your sensitive data stays secure. The same goes for the WireGuard protocol, as without this contemporary protocol, Turbo VPN is not safe enough.

Privacy and anonymity

In terms of ensuring your privacy, Turbo VPN is good-ish, but nothing to write home about. It covers the basics, such as presenting a bunch of servers that will mask your real IP address and offering the kill switch feature. However, rating Turbo VPN against VPN Unlimited really accentuates the benefits of the latter, such as hundreds of servers and the option to get a personal server or personal IP.

Freedom and access to content

This is where VPN Unlimited really shines. Its 500+ servers mean that you can always find one to access the content you need. It also offers dedicated servers to unblock streaming and torrenting. VPN Unlimited even has a unique KeepSolid Wise protocol that allows it to work in networks that block Virtual Private Networks.

Convenience and usability

VPN Unlimited offers convenient terms, an easy way to try the app before paying anything, 24/7 customer service. It also allows protecting several devices at the same time, including your browsers! Turbo VPN really starts to not look good in comparison, doesn’t it?

Download VPN Unlimited to ascertain our Turbo VPN rating yourself!

How to Set Up VPN Unlimited

It’s super easy to configure our alternative to the Turbo VPN app:



Create a new account
or sign in with an existing one


Connect to a virtual server
and browse freely

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