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StrongVPN vs VPN Unlimited: Which is the Best VPN for 2023?

StrongVPN and VPN Unlimited comparison. Reviewing best VPN’s:

Rating VPN Providers to Find the Best Home VPN for 2023


VPN Unlimited


OpenVPN Protocol
Wireguard Protocol
Leak Protection 1st Party DNS Servers
Obfuscation via TCP Port 443
Other proprietary obfuscation protocols
P2P port blocking Some
Accepts Crypto Currency
Accepts Cash
Strength of Encryption AES-256
# of Devices Unlimited 1
# of Countries 80 23
# of Servers 3000+ 387
Linux Support
Server SSL Rating A+ A
$ / month (Annual Pricing) 5.00 4.99
$ / Connection / Month 1 4.99
Free Trial
Refund Period 30 days 5 days
Rating: 5 3

What is the Best VPN in 2023?

As the winner in this private VPN comparison, VPN Unlimited beats out StrongVPN in a few important aspects. It offers a number of features that are crucial for secure and private internet browsing.


Data security

VPN Unlimited applies AES-256 encryption to all internet traffic going through it. This protects your personal data and sensitive information, rendering it completely undecipherable to any unauthorized third parties.

Privacy and anonymity

When you connect to one of VPN Unlimited’s 3000+ servers, your real IP address gets obfuscated and substituted with the VPN server’s IP. This ensures that no one can trace your online activities and tie them to your identity.

Bypassing content restrictions

Sometimes, a website, streaming service, social media, or video is unavailable in your region. To access such geo-restricted content, you only need to connect to a VPN Unlimited server located in the region where the content is available.

Convenient terms and pricing

VPN Unlimited allows you to extend VPN coverage unlimited devices under a single account. In addition, it offers a nice variety of subscription plans for any needs, along with the opportunity to use this VPN for free!

How to Set Up a VPN

In 2023, it takes no hassle to set up and use the best home VPN:


Log in and choose a VPN server

Download VPN Unlimited for Any Device

Grab the winner of this VPN comparison! Download VPN Unlimited for free for 7 days, for
 any device, and see for yourself why it’s the best home VPN!

Why Do I Need a VPN?

Before choosing the best home VPN from our comparison, it’s important to understand why, and if, you need one. After all, a VPN is a service for privacy, anonymity, and online freedom, so it works best against specific cyber threats. Here are the internet dangers every netizen should be aware of before going all in and buying a VPN subscription.

Unprotected free public WiFi

Public WiFi tends to attract many users looking for free internet connection. Alas, such hotspots are oftentimes poorly secured (if at all), which makes them a common hunting ground for all sorts of cyber criminals who prey upon unwary users.

Digital surveillance

You’d probably be surprised to learn how many parties are interested in laying their hands on your private information. ISPs, corporations, and the government all go out of their way to learn as much about your personal life as possible.

Habit tracking and influencing

Habit tracking allows third parties to build a thorough profile on you - what you like, what you google, where you took a walk yesterday, etc. This data allows them to use various psychological methods to influence your decision making. 

Geo restrictions

Certain content providers or online services restrict access to their content in some regions. Their reasons vary, from content distribution agreements to lack of bandwidth or servers. But the result is the same - you, unable to get the content you want.

Content censorship

Sometimes, it’s not the content provider who’s responsible for restrictions, but the network provider. It might be a school network administrator banning access to social media, or the government blocking “harmful” or “offensive” content.

Regional pricing

Another trick of marketers, regional pricing is the practice of setting the price for a product based on the customer’s location. The idea behind this is that customers from richer countries will be able, and willing, to pay more for the same stuff. Now how fair is that?

Get VPN Unlimited right now

In addition to favorable pricing, you have an option to download and use VPN Unlimited for free for 7 days + 30-day money-back guarantee.