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3 Reasons Why Your Team Needs a VPN

User Office Features for Efficient Work with Your Teams

Intuitive user interface

Designed with ease and convenience in mind,  our intuitive User Office will let you and your team members get rolling right away.  Start exploring it now and see for yourself!

Convenient team management

Managing your team via KeepSolid User Office is very easy! Invite team members, remove, and add new users in a matter of just a few clicks.

All your teams in one place

You can manage your own team and join others at the same time.  Whatever the number of teams you belong to, see them all in your KeepSolid User Office, along with the list of all team members.

The highest protection with Personal Server / IP

 Level up your team protection and boost your online experience with a Personal Server or a Personal IP. Just click Add servers, complete the purchase, and once the server is deployed it gets instantly shared with all members of the chosen team.

Protect Your Business Data with Advanced VPN for Teams

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How to Manage Your Team in VPN Unlimited

Once you’ve purchased our business VPN plan, there are several options for how you can manage your team and interact with it.

  1. Change team name. By default, your team is assigned a randomly generated name. You can change it to something more flashy if you wish by clicking the icon next to the team name.
  2. Invite new team members. Invite your managers and employees to benefit from our VPN. In your User Office, open your VPN Unlimited for Teams settings, click Add more in the Users section, and enter their email addresses. You can remove team members from the same menu.
  3. Expand your business VPN. You can upgrade your VPN Unlimited Team account if you want to invite ever more members. To do this, click Prolong subscription or Upgrade in your User Office and select the number of account slots you want to add.
  4. Add more securityOur corporate VPN service provides a host of features that can boost the protection of your enterprise, teams, and employees. Among them are Personal VPN server and Personal IP. 

FAQ About VPN Unlimited for Teams

Do I need a corporate VPN for my small business?

VPN is highly recommended for safety purposes, even more so if we’re talking about small business. A VPN, in this case, may be the only feasible option to reliably boost corporate security and protect your team from cyberattacks and data loss. A small business is unlikely to have the budget for hiring a full-fledged security team. It also lets employees access company IT systems remotely and safely, even from public WiFi.

How much does a business VPN cost?

VPNs, in general, are quite affordable and corporate VPNs are no different. VPN Unlimited for Teams is charged according to the number of your team members that need access, making the pricing flexible and cost-effective for businesses of any scale. Lastly, when discussing the price of VPNs, one should compare it to how much a security breach might cost an organization.

How does a corporate VPN work?

Corporate Virtual Private Networks, a.k.a. VPNs, work by extending all the benefits of personal VPN (data encryption, masking IP address, and bypassing content restrictions) to a whole corporate network. All personal and corporate data of your employees will travel through encrypted connections, protecting it from unauthorized access. And since only the IP address of a VPN server is visible, all communications remain private and untraceable. 

Why do companies use a VPN?

Both huge enterprises and small businesses use VPNs to protect their corporate networks and employees from security breaches. They also allow everyone connected to the business VPN network to access geo-restricted websites and resources. So security, privacy, anonymity, and unrestricted internet access are the main reasons why VPNs are best for business.

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Before getting our Team plan, you might first want to try out our app for free. Download VPN Unlimited for Teams and explore our best security features now. Protect your business data. Anonymously surf the web. Access any geo-restricted content.
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