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VPN Unlimited received positive reviews from various sources, including its users, technology experts, and bloggers. Look at what these esteemed individuals say about our product.

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What Technology Experts Say About VPN Unlimited

  • Overall, VPN Unlimited is an excellent service that does what it promises. It’s easy to use and provides a high level of security for your data. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable VPN solution

  • VPN Unlimited is a great VPN at an affordable price. On top of that, we like that this provider includes multiple connection protocols and a DNS firewall so you have flexibility in how you use the VPN – plus loads of devices are supported.

  • KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited pricing scheme is inexpensive at the usual monthly subscription cycle, and with subscription periods as short as one week, VPN Unlimited can be available whenever you need it.


    Add to that BitTorrent support, a well-designed client, specific streaming servers, browser clients, and advanced security features, and you're looking at an all-around winner.


    For all of this, VPN Unlimited earns our Editors' Choice award for iPhone VPN apps

  • With VPN Unlimited now leveraging the power of over 3,000 servers worldwide, this Ukrainian-owned surfing solution is a top-ranked product. The provider’s no-logging policy has been verified through independent audits, and the company offers 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions or problems. Even the basic package can be used on up to five devices simultaneously, making it perfect for families or businesses with multiple employees working remotely.



What Our Users Say About VPN Unlimited

  • 10/10 service excellent customer service as well

    Been with this service for many years. It works as intended with fast connections and above all the support is very quick and always resolve issues created by myself rather than the service. 10/10 and friendly service.

  • Awesome support!

    I've been using Keep Solid VPN for years now and have the lifetime membership. I recently had some issues and asked for some assistance. Had to go back and forth a few times and Alex and Greg from the support responded within minutes and addressed my problems.

    The VPN is excellent, quick to connect and doesn't slow my PC down. I would highly recommend VPN Unlimited for both function and amazing support.

  • It is useful and practical

    Hello to all . I got acquainted with this software a year ago and now I am using it. I can boldly say that it has a good and acceptable connection speed. Also, the large number of servers allows the user to choose freely.

    As the connection speed of this software is high, the response speed and guidance of the supporters of this site is fantastic!

    I thank the supporters and administrators of this collection for this useful and practical software.

    Good luck.

  • I have been using the VPN product for about 3 years.

    I have been using the VPN product for a few years now and it is very good. But what makes it great is the level of service. Their service is second to none, and I have seen a lot, having working in the IT world for decades. They are a world class organization!

  • Customer service was top notch

    My VPN works very well and the customer service was top notch.

  • Consistent excellent service

    I have a lifetime plan, and Im happy to say that they take customer satisfaction seriously, and keeps on improving through the years.

    Always prompt and provides excellent solution to any issue I have raised.

  • Outstanding Tech Support

    Have used VPN Unlimited for several years. I had some trouble getting a new phone recognized in the app (my fault). I emailed Tech Support and had an answer within 5 minutes and was up and running in less than 5 minutes after. Highly recommended!

  • Fantastic customer service, great product

    I've used this VPN service for years, and it works really well. The handful of times I've had to contact customer service, they've been very prompt to respond and extremely helpful. I highly recommend them.

  • A supremely easy-to-use and successful VPN

    This is a supremely easy-to-use and successful VPN with very little user interaction required to set it up and keep it working properly. Their customer service team's response times have been extremely quick with any of the minor issues I have had giving me replies with good answers within a few hours rather than days.

    All their answers have been clear and precise and have cleared up any problems I have had in a very short time

  • Reliable VPN with Outstanding Tech Support

    I have been using VPN Unlimited for a number of years. I live in Thailand and have a difficult time to log into financial institutions in the US without use of a VPN. Their tech support is outstanding; every time I have contacted them, they have responded within a few hours and have solved any issues very quickly. I can highly recommend it as a reliable VPN with outstanding tech support.

  • Great service!

    Great service, tons of options to get exactly what you need, amazing customer support through in-site chat. All a geek could ever want!

  • KeepSolid - Great Products and Services

    I've been a VPN Unlimited customer for several years now, and this year also subscribed to KeepSolid Goals. The KeepSolid team provides remarkable products and have a fantastic service team. There products are solid, so I haven't experienced many issues, but when I have their service has been quick and responsive and helped me get things sorted. Great product and service at great prices. Definitely worth checking out!

  • I have used VPN Unlimited for a year…

    I have used VPN Unlimited for a year now. It offers reliable service and prompt support . I recommend it.

  • Industry-leading product and support!

    Beyond being an affordable and high-performance VPN, I have found the VPN Unlimited support to be consistently very responsive, effective and courteous. It continues to be a pleasure to use this outstanding product.

    Oliver Observes
  • It is working well and it is very fast

    It is working well and it is very fast. Although sometimes it goes off and I hope this problem can be rectified.

    Elijah Evaluates9
  • It's not 100% perfect because only God…

    It's not 100% perfect because only God is perfect! All things that i could to say is VPN Unlimited is Top of my choices in VPN services product, they are fast in all , wishes for Ukraine 🇺🇦 freedom , stay strong like now Powered.

    Brand Buzz
  • Iran Internet Blocking

    Keepsolid can pass Iran Heavy filtering with good speed. I asked Them to give me a discount, and they answer promptly Positive!... I got 1 month.

  • I've been using this app for years…

    I've been using this app for years on PC, Android and iPhone with excellent results. I just had my first issue that I couldn't figure out on my own, contacted support and got a resolution in less than 15 minutes. I recommend VPN Unlimited to anyone who needs a VPN.

  • Excellent VPN client

    Excellent VPN client, brilliant customer service.

    Ive been using this for many years now no problems whatever. Thank you Ukraine,!

  • KeepSolid genuinely cares about customers

    KeepSolid genuinely cares about their customers. I've found the VPN Unlimited product to be reliable and useful in many ways on many different devices. When I contacted customer support, they went above and beyond to help!

  • I was very pleased with KeepSolid's customer service

    I reached out to KeepSolid VPN with some detailed techie questions about how to best configure their service on my wifi router at home. Within a day, the CSR relayed my question to their tech staff, and I promptly got back an answer with exactly the info and details I had asked about. So while their actual VPN connections aren't the fastest out there in my experience, I was very pleased with their customer service, and it works well with streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, among others.

  • Logan

    I travel internationally for work and/or pleasure and KeepSolid VPN servers have never failed me. I've used the services from the US, MX, UK, and other European countries and without fail it provides the connectivity when I need it

    Plenty of Regions to Use
  • KeepSolid VPN : Great app and great support!solid VPN…

    I have been using Keepsolid VPN Unlimited sometime from many years.

    VPN is good, and their support is even more amazing, fast and efficient!

    their support team give quick answer and follows up to make sure you are satisfied. Thanks Danil (Support Team) and thanks KeepSolid

  • VPN Unlimited has great support!

    I have been using Keepsolid VPN Unlimited for a few years now. The VPN is awesome, but their support is even more amazing. I haven't had many issues with my VPN, but when I do their support team addresses it almost immediately and follows up to make sure you are satisfied. Alex Piehanov (Support Team) gets my two thumbs up for the friendly and professional manner in which he handled everything for me.

  • Lifetime is worth the investment.

    Have the lifetime subscription and its what it means lifetime. VPN has minimal difference from the “normal” Speedtest ratings but the best part has been tech support. Kudos to Alex Piehanov of their Customer Support team. There are options to have your own server etc but really hasn’t been necessary and all VPN services charge for them. Best part of lifetime is not receiving continuous spam ads. Worth the less than 90 buck I paid for it back in the day for the 5 devices you can link.


  • I've used Keep Solid vpn for 5 years

    I've used Keep Solid vpn for 5 years. I was an independent computer tech consultant for more than 2 decades and have used many different vpn services. with Keep Solid I've remained their customer and is the only one i've continued to refer to customers I had through the years. I feel the price and service provided are great. The speeds are fast to stream movies or download files, so that is very important.

  • Super stable and reliable VPN

    Highly recommended if u are looking for VPN and that too for US region as KEEPSOLID VPN HAS MORE than 10 servers in different states. App also indicates clearly how much each server is loaded at the time of connection….hence it is easy to pick a stable connection. I javelin lifetime subscription for this.

  • VPN Unlimited is a great company I…

    VPN Unlimited is a great company I brought lifetime subscription more than 4 years now and everything is working fine

    Always they do updates and have a new protocols for the network.

    They also have SmartDNS and I just wait for offer to buy lifetime subscription.

    I recommend this company.

  • A simple to use and effective solution

    A simple to use, but rather effective VPN solution. This, with the outstanding, quick and efficient customer service makes it one of the best out there. After many years as a client, I strongly recommend VPN Unlimited to anyone.

  • Great app.

    My wife and I have using VPN Unlimited for over five years with great success between Canada and the USA.

    Whenever faced with challenges, the support team has always been very helpful and quick responding.

    They stand behind their app.

  • Good product, GREAT service!

    I purchased VPN Unlimited a few months ago and have only used it a few times, with great success. However, today I am in Copenhagen and updated the product, then found that it would no longer start a VPN session.

    I filed a request for help and got a response within a couple of minutes, reminding me that I should try a reboot (and a few other semi-obvioius possibilities). Once I rebooted, everything worked as expected.

    The product appears to do everything that I need, which is always a Very Good Thing :), but I am especially impressed with the extremely rapid assistance that I got.

    Thanks, KeepSolid!

  • KeepSolid VPN problem..

    I've been using KeepSolid VPN for a few years and never had any problems until a few days ago, but with the customer service I was able to solve it. Thanks Max for your attention.

    100% recommended!!!

  • Great service and customer support!

    As a new customer, I started to use this service for a month, with their promo code. Occasionally, I discovered the promo code was intended to use by a subset of all VPN Unlimited users, and the Customer Support Team explained this in polite and clear manner.

    Also I like this product because:

    a) it has a clear interface;

    b) it provides all required information at once;

    c) it provides great speed (a slight speed degradation near 10% in synthetic tests is acceptable for me).


  • Thanks to the VPN Unlimited

    Thanks to the VPN Unlimited team for their help.

    I was given a promo code for Ukrainians to get one year access to VPN Unlimited. But I couldn't use it because I'm abroad.

    After contacting VPN Unlimited support team and confirming that I'm Ukrainian, I got one year access to VPN Unlimited.

    Thanks again to VPN Unlimited support!

  • All ok, simple and running well

    All ok, very simple and it run very well. Also the team in support is very gentle and kind (I had a little question to solve and they solve it).

  • Reliable

    Key things: It is reliable, but if you have a problem the customer service is excellent, which is quite important. They really do respond as quickly as they say. I've been using it for years and recommend strongly.

  • Best customer service I have ever received

    I have been a customer for a long time and have two products, VPN unlimited and Smart DNS and everything is great and reliable. Customer service is the best I have ever received. Highly recommend

  • all fine, thanks

    I have started using this application a few days ago. It works fine for me. Additionally, I installed an extension for google chrome (it works fine too, I see tv films online).

  • 5 stars

    Awesome VPN service and great customer care.

    I've used multiple servers located in Europe and the US and was totally satisfied with up/down speeds. Both mobile and PC apps are great.

    Overall this is the best VPN service, and I've used many!

  • Excellent service and professional team.

    I would like to thank VPN Unlimited for their work, as well as special thanks to Alex Piehanov from the support team for their professional attitude to my solution. You are the best! Keep it up!

  • Best VPN for privacy needs

    As a ukrainian I truly appreciate efforts of VPN unlimited team on supporting Ukraine and all ukrainians in our fight against russists. 

  • I have always been very pleased with my…

    I have always been very pleased with my VPN Unlimited. A couple of days ago when trying to use it I got a message saying something was wrong. Today I messaged the service department and received a quick and concise message about what to do....and it worked! Very pleased with this service and the help team.

  • The service is great.

    The support system gives very quick and excellent assistance. I needed help and received back and forth emails immediately. They solved my problem .

    I am very pleased with the overall system.

  • Great customer service!

    I had to create another account because of an e-mail change, all was changed over to my new account. Max from the customer support team was great to work with.

    Thank you!

  • A good and quality service

    Has multiple servers

    It has OpenVPN, Wireguard and proprietary protocols

    Quality IPs

    Good and timely support

    Regular updates

    New features will be added in the future

  • After sending one sentence describing…

    After sending one sentence describing the problem, within 15 min tech support had me up and running. They ROCK!!!

  • I totally recommend this service!

    Best client oriented team I have ever meet.

    Good service. Fast connect/disconnect/reconnect to VPN servers.

    Easy to use application.

    I totally recommend this service!

  • Program, sevices, support - all are the best

    While using this program, some technical issues arose, which were resolved very quickly (within a few hours) with the help of their technical support department. I have no complaints about the program, everything works fine. So I continue to use and thank KeepSolid Team for the wonderful multi-platform application.

  • Amazing vpn that works so good.

    Special thanks for Ukrainian people from Iranian people;)


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