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Namecheap VPN vs VPN Unlimited - VPN Services Review

What is Namecheap? What is the best alternative to the Namecheap VPN app? Let’s have a review of Namecheap VPN and VPN Unlimited and compare their pros and cons.

Comparison Table of VPN Services: Namecheap vs VPN Unlimited


VPN Unlimited

Namecheap VPN

Namecheap VPN

Two-Factor Authentication
Number of VPN locations worldwide 80+ locations 50+ locations
OpenVPN protocol
IKEv2 protocol
Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Kill Switch
Logging policy No Logs No Logs
WireGuard protocol
Web Browser Extension
Guest Mode
30-day money-back guarantee
24/7 customer support
Pricing $9.99/mo $5.88/mo
Lifetime Plan
Rating: 5 3.5


A Brief Namecheap VPN App Review

What is Namecheap? Let’s have a brief review. Namecheap is a popular domain registrar and web host service with a proprietary VPN app. The service has 1000+ servers across 50+ locations and supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 security protocols. 

Namecheap app is compatible with the major platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Browser extensions are not supported. Though Namecheap is available on mobile platforms, its user experience design is not impressive. Namecheap VPN’s settings seem to be lacking: location picker, auto-reconnect, and OpenVPN TCP/UDP button are the only settings options available.

With the low price and a simple desktop app, Namecheap is a good solution to unblock streaming services and perform some basic tasks. If you just need basic protection, this should be enough, but experienced netizens usually need more features.

What is the Best Namecheap Alternative

If Namecheap’s functionality doesn’t cover all your needs, our review will help you to find a reasonable alternative like VPN Unlimited. This solution is a reliable Namecheap VPN alternative with all the necessary functionality, meeting the needs of the most demanding users. 

Secure encryption

KeepSolid’s solution offers various VPN protocols with special strengths and capabilities. You can easily switch protocols depending on the device and network you are using. 

No-Log policy

KeepSolid cares about your anonymity and privacy. Our team follows the no-logs policy and guarantees that we don’t record your online activity. Cybercriminals won’t be able to steal your sensitive data because we just don’t keep it.

Supported platforms

VPN Unlimited is available on popular desktop and mobile platforms, web browsers, routers, etc. The performance of the best Namecheap VPN alternative is consistently good, whether you use an app for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows.

VPN Unlimited meets the needs of all users. Download and check this out!

Get VPN Unlimited if you are looking for the best Namecheap VPN alternative after our review!

What Makes VPN Unlimited the Best Namecheap VPN Alternative

KeepSolid Wise

KeepSolid Wise is KeepSolid’s technology to provide extended online freedom. By connecting through TCP 443 and UDP 443 ports our Namecheap alternative allows you to bypass any VPN blocks and use VPN Unlimited in schools, hotels, or even states with strict VPN laws. With KeepSolid Wise your VPN traffic looks like innocent HTTPS traffic instead.


Due to vulnerabilities of popular browsers, your real IP address can be leaked even with a VPN. To prevent this, VPN Unlimited browser extensions have a dedicated WebRTC Leak Prevent feature that can be enabled in the settings. 

Lifetime plan

A Lifetime subscription lets you enjoy the protection and online freedom for unrestricted time. Unlike other services where you have to prolong your subscription every month, year, etc., our Lifetime Plan allows you to pay once and enjoy all the benefits without time limits. 

WireGuard protocol

WireGuard is a secure VPN protocol with the latest cryptography algorithms. It outperforms older VPN protocols and provides better performance and bandwidth among other protocol solutions like IPsec and OpenVPN®. WireGuard® is already considered one of the safest, fastest, and easiest solutions in the VPN industry.

Why You Should Use Our VPN Unlimited App

Today people spend a lot of time on the internet, surfing the web, watching movies, or sharing photos. And it is very important to protect your privacy on the web and avoid any cyber threats. KeepSolid’s app suits the best for the protection of your traffic and data from cybercriminals. 

Our Namecheap alternative also allows you to bypass various obstacles on the internet, like geo-blocks or regional restrictions. You can get access to any restricted content wherever you are. Check out the table below to learn more about the benefits that you receive with VPN Unlimited.

  Without VPN Unlimited With VPN Unlimited
Protection on a public WiFi    
Secure traffic    
Bypassing of geo-blocks    
Benefits of regional pricing    
Privacy protection    

VPN Unlimited and Namecheap VPN Pricing Review

Considering all the pros and cons of the two alternatives in this review it’s high time we compared the pricing policy of the two services. Namecheap offers two options: one-month and one-year plans. The Monthly Plan costs $5.88 per month and the Annual Plan is $34.56 per year.  

VPN Unlimited’s pricing policy is more flexible. You can choose any of three plans:

  • 1 month ($9.99 per month)
  • 1 year ($59.99 per year)
  • Lifetime ($199.99 billed once)

You can also choose the MonoDefense security bundle combining KeepSolid’s top solutions: VPN Unlimited, Passwarden®, SmartDNS, and DNS Firewall. You get an excellent VPN service, a secure password manager, and the best solutions to bypass geo-restrictions and protect your traffic on malicious websites.

Having reviewed the prices of both services, Namecheap looks more attractive than the KeepSolid solution due to its cost. But the Namecheap VPN app doesn’t offer such important functions and features as its alternative does. So with VPN Unlimited, the quality meets the price.

"OpenVPN” is a registered trademark of OpenVPN Inc. “WireGuard” is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld."

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