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Best VPN for iOS: 坚果 VPN app vs. VPN Unlimited

坚果 VPN app (aka. Nuts VPN) is a solution that aims to protect your online privacy and prevent any third parties from accessing your sensitive data. Well, is this software secure enough? Or, should you take a look at Nuts VPN alternatives? Is VPN Unlimited a credible 坚果 VPN alternative? In this piece, we are going to find answers to all these questions!

坚果 VPN app (Nuts VPN) vs. VPN Unlimited: Comparison Table


VPN Unlimited

坚果 VPN

WireGuard® protocol
OpenVPN® protocol
Encryption AES 256-bit
IP masking feature
Kill Switch feature
Streaming servers
Servers for P2P downloading
iOS / macOS support
Android / Windows support
Browser extension
Routers support
# of simultaneous connections Unlimited 1
Accepts сrypto сurrency
$ / month (annual pricing) 4.99 ≈ 4.95 (¥544)
Lifetime subscription
Free trial Full-featured 7-day trial 15 minutes of free use each day
24/7 support
Rating: 5 3.5

Boost Your Internet Life with the Best 坚果 VPN app (Nuts VPN) Alternative

Download our security solution on your device and start browsing the web like a professional user without no one looking over your shoulder!

Which VPN App is Better to Choose in 2023

As you can see from the comparison table above, VPN Unlimited beats out 坚果 VPN app (Nuts VPN). Our security software is a reliable 坚果 VPN alternative as it grants customers rock-solid encryption, a set of powerful features, and much better performance. Get started with our solution now and see for yourself!


Bypass geo-restrictions

Our private network solution has 3000+ high-speed servers in more than 80 locations globally. Connect to any of them, replace your actual IP address with a virtual one, and win back your online freedom! Also, 坚果 VPN alternative provides dedicated servers for streaming. So you can access any streaming channels and video libraries!

Protect your privacy

Thanks to the bulletproof AES 256-bit encryption algorithm and set of reliable virtual protocols, you don’t have to worry about your online safety. Furthermore, our Virtual Private Network provides lots of security features: Kill Switch, Trusted Networks, 2FA, and whatnot; that do their best to safeguard both your online and real-life identities.

Secure all your devices

Both the 坚果 VPN app and its alternative reviewed here are available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices. Beyond that, the KeepSolid solution is compatible with routers, streaming devices, Linux PCs, and popular browsers. Get started with this app now and protect unlimited different devices with a single subscription.

Get a 7-day free trial

Checking everything out before purchasing is always a good idea. Our credible 坚果 VPN alternative provides a full-featured 7-day trial that allows you to explore all premium features. Ready to start a subscription? Great! VPN Unlimited offers different plans: per month, per year, and Lifetime. Choose your perfect one and make your web routine easier!

How to Get VPN Unlimited on iOS: 3 Simple Steps

If you face any questions, check out our Manuals and feel free to contact the customer support team via [email protected].



Sign in with your KeepSolid ID
or create a new one


Activate virtual connection
and start your private online journey

Upgrade Your Online Experience with 坚果 VPN iOS Alternative

A full-featured 7-day free trial is a great ability to try out all VPN Unlimited features!

FAQ on Using 坚果 VPN (Nuts VPN) and its Credible Alternative

Why do I need a Virtual Private Network client?

  • To stream any video content from anywhere
  • To avoid ISP monitoring and online surveillance
  • To get fast and uninterrupted gameplay
  • To protect yourself while using public WiFi hotspots
  • To start benefiting from regional pricing
  • To secure your sensitive data on the internet
  • To virtually travel all around the globe
  • To enjoy complete online freedom and much more

Is VPN Unlimited a credible 坚果 VPN alternative?

In our humble opinion, yes.

Compared with the 坚果 VPN app, the KeepSolid solution provides more vital features, supports a wider range of platforms, and offers more convenient terms and conditions.

How to access streaming services with VPN Unlimited?

Thanks to the virtual servers specially designed for streaming, it’s a piece of cake!

Navigate to the Servers tab > Streaming and choose the appropriate server. Our security solution allows you to unblock Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Channel 4, Max,, ESPN+, Popcornflix, Sony Crackle, and other streaming services.


How to get a clean IP address?

  1. Download VPN Unlimited on your device
  2. Log in with your KeepSolid ID 
  3. Navigate to the Servers tab
  4. Connect to the desired location

That’s it! Now your IP address is concealed with a virtual clean IP address of the chosen server.

VPN Unlimited isn’t working on my device. What should I do?

Don’t worry! If you face any issues with the work of our Virtual Private Network on your device, you can always contact our customer support via [email protected].

Virtual Private Network Working Principle

So we are on the same page, Virtual Private Network is a sophisticated technology that ensures safe and convenient access to the web

Almost all VPNs work the same way:

  • First of all, these security solutions cipher both the incoming and outgoing traffic of your device. To guarantee the highest security level, our reliable solution utilizes the military-grade encryption AES 256-bit.
  • Then, they reroute your traffic via a virtual server you are connected to. Thus, your online activities become untraceable.
  • Last, but not least, Virtual Private Network applications obscure your actual IP address and replace it with a virtual one. Thanks to the IP masking feature, you can gain access to any geo-blocked content.

More about Virtual Private Network technology

Start Benefiting from VPN Unlimited Right Now

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