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VPN Unlimited vs UFO VPN Review

In this piece, we go over the basics of UFO VPN and VPN Unlimited to figure out which one is the ultimate Virtual Private Network (VPN). What is UFO VPN? How does it fare in comparison to VPN Unlimited? Let’s find out!

VPN Unlimited vs UFO VPN Review Table


VPN Unlimited


Server Countries 80+ 50+
# of Streaming Channels Unblocked 9 3
Servers for P2P download
Data Encryption AES-256
WireGuard® Protocol
Price per Month $9.99 $11.99
Devices per Account Up to 10 Up to 5
Kill Switch

Browser Extensions
Supports WiFi Routers
Free Trial 7 days
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days
24/7 Email Support
24/7 Life Chat
No-Log Policy
Rating: 5 2.5

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More About Why VPN Unlimited is Superior to UFO VPN

As you can see in our rating table, UFO VPN is outmatched by VPN Unlimited by a wide margin. There’s little to no competition between the two - VPN Unlimited simply offers more, at a better price and higher quality.


AES-256 encryption

VPN Unlimited utilizes extremely secure, military-grade AES 256 data encryption. This technology secures your incoming and outgoing traffic. This makes your web browsing and internet activities untraceable to any unauthorized parties. In comparison, UFO VPN doesn’t disclose what encryption it uses, which strongly implies that it’s not of the highest quality.

Masking IP address

Both the VPN Unlimited and UFO VPN conceal your actual IP address. However, where UFO VPN is lacking is in the number of server countries - it only offers 50+ vs VPN Unlimited’s 80+. This means that you have fewer options and potentially can access fewer blocked websites. Still, both Virtual Private networks have their ways to mask your real IP address, protecting your privacy.

Credible VPN protocols

Unfortunately, UFO VPN is basic when it comes to VPN protocols. The main problem is that they either don’t disclose which protocols they use (meaning they’re unlikely to be something to brag about) or they use some proprietary protocols (then who knows what issues these may have). Compare this to VPN Unlimited selection of critically acclaimed protocols, including the newest, top-notch WireGuard!

Cross-platform app

Reviewed UFO VPN and VPN Unlimited both support the most popular desktop and mobile platforms - iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. However, tough luck if you need to cover any other device with UFO VPN. By contrast, VPN Unlimited is available on pretty much any internet-capable device, including web browsers, streaming boxes, and even WiFi routers.

Full-featured free trial

Thanks to the full-featured 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, you have a total of 37 days to check everything out. Get started with VPN Unlimited and explore its advantages over UFO VPN!

What is UFO VPN’s best alternative?

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How to Set Up VPN Unlimited

Our UFO VPN’s alternative is super easy to pick up:



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Connect to a virtual server
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