3 Fast Facts about Bitcoins You Probably Didn’t Know

3 Fast Facts About Bitcoins You Probably Didn't Know - VPN Unlimited Blog

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Having reached stunning popularity, bitcoins became a tasty morsel for everybody. A worldwide cryptocurrency and the first decentralized digital currency that is absolutely anonymous. Sounds great, isn’t it? As of today, December 26th, the exchange rate reaches $15 thousands to 1 bitcoin, and it will probably increase even more. The world went crazy and, as a result, everyone wants to invest in bitcoins for the sheer reason of following the trend!

Bitcoin is a new and complex payment system. Most likely, you don’t know all the interesting details and stories about it, unless it is something you live and breathe with for many years. So let’s get straight to the point and figure out some little-known facts about this hot topic.

The birth of the star

Bitcoin was born in 2008, when a mysterious person (or this could even be a group of people) named Satoshi Nakamoto published an article Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. In this article, bitcoin was described in details, namely the operation concept of its protocol and how this electronic payment system should actually work. Later, in 2009, bitcoin network was launched.

Who is Satoshi? It is still a big secret. In his user account information, he is said to be a 37 year old Japanese, but his posts were written in English as if it was his native language. Also, posts were published at different time of day, perhaps to puzzle everybody about time zones. In the spring of 2011, he enunciated the termination of work with bitcoins and disappeared.

The lost treasure

3 Fast Facts About Bitcoins You Probably Didn't Know - VPN Unlimited Blog This sounds crazy, but a British guy, James Howells, thrown away a hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins. By accident, of course. The story began in 2009 year, when James started mining. For better or worse, his girlfriend complained about the noise which computer made, so there was nothing for James but to submit. That’s why he set it aside and soon forgot about mining. Furthermore, in 2013 he spilled lemonade on this computer, ruining it, and thrown it away. When the bitcoin rate began to increase, James remembered about his wallet. Unfortunately, he realized that he hadn’t copied the necessary data from that hard drive.  

The story is still not over. Today, the price of 7,500 bitcoins is about $75 millions. Four years have passed, however James Howells keeps his hopes to find the lost treasure. The cost of his hard drive has been rising all the while it has been in mothballs somewhere at a landfill site in Newport. In order to initiate a search, James is going to spend a fortune and receive a special authorization from the government. What will be the upshot of it all? Let’s wait and see!

The young entrepreneur

Erik Finman is the name of the boy, who became a millionaire at the age of 18 thanks to bitcoins. In 2011, he celebrated his 12th birthday party and got $1,000 as a present from his grandma. Erik’s elder brother told him about bitcoins and, as a result, Erik invested this thousand in cryptocurrency. Long story short, in 2013 he sold it for $100 thousands and created his own company, the Botangle, an educational video chat service. A bright kid, for sure.

In conclusion, we hope you like these stories, cause we have some more to tell! Stay tuned to VPN Unlimited team to keep abreast of the news about the most anonymous cryptocurrency.   

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