8 Myths About Online Safety: True Or False?

Updated on July 13, 2021: From now on, traffic filtering, malware protection, and suspicious DNS activity blocking are available as a part of the separate DNS Firewall app.

Did you ever think that there are movie myths that are absolutely true? Although it may seem that Hollywood lack the latest knowledge in cyber-hacking and technology, yet some of their movies show complete truth about the reality we live in. You are about to explore the 8 popular myths that are true, but you have to keep in mind that all of your online actions can be anonymous and secured with affordable VPN Unlimited package, which is your number one priority for the protection of your online privacy. Let’s explore the 8 seemingly most ridiculous movie myths that are true!


1.    The NSA is spying on us…

Seemingly the oldest theme that the government is spying on us “knows it all, sees it all” is true. Portrayed as a villain in many movies or cartoons (“The Simpsons”), government has infinite amount of real-time information where they can spot and track a person. The truth is the NSA, including intelligence agencies from other countries, have Internet traffic and phone calls tracking system on 24/7. Massive databases with information on people are by far more than true and one can imagine. The recent news say that Korea has over 1800 hackers, the so-called cyber warriors, working as one “Bureau 121” team, considering that the country is completely isolated from the Internet.

2.    Popular Webcam Hijacking

If you don’t think that webcams can be scary, think again. A webcam hijacking allows others to see what you are doing. Just a warning but there is a whole twisted-mind community that has very little to do but watch and spy on people through webcam hijacking and RAT (Remote Access Tool). They are interested in undressing glimpses, and so on. Actually, the UK’s GHCQ has managed to capture over millions of Yahoo! Webcam images kept on- and offline. It means that it is easy to hijack webcams that are found thousands across popular metropolises.

3.    Location Tracking

While it is a known fact that cell phones are easily tracked, but the US government has greater plans in terms of tracking people’s locations. Now, the fake cellular towers are placed on small airplanes and you have probably seen that in movies too. In fact, the airplane flies over downtown or selected urban area to intercept the communication between villain and victim or to track an exact person’s location. This statement is absolutely true. So, next time when a small plane flies over your head, it may be equipped to do some tracking.


4.    Security Systems and Cameras Hacking

While for regular user it seems almost impossible to hack the security cameras, the cybercriminals know that their security is vulnerable. The movie heroes or the villains easily break into secure locations to scope it out, know the amount of guards and learn security features for bypassing. It holds true that weak security systems are targets of many widely used services and products. When a trespasser is tracked, they will shut down quickly.

5.    Taking Backdoors in Encryption Protocols

A popular phrase “It’s impossible to hack his hard drive, the encryption is unbreakable”.  Unfortunately, the government has a possibility to crack almost any encryption it wants to. Known as backdoors inserted into encryption systems, there are cases when the NSA manipulated the NIST to insist on inserting a common backdoor into the encryption standards (for example, the Dual_EC_DRBG).

6.    The “Darknet” Power

With ever-growing cybercriminal and criminal activity, the Internet has become the ideal ground for villains to lurk. The web offers a regular citizen anything, including illegal drugs, fake IDs, weapons, etc. The “darknet” is now just a click away, yet majority of it is under hourly surveillance by the government professionals.


7.    Hacked Hotel Key Cards

While this movie myth doesn’t seem to be true, the hotel key cards hacking is really done with some cheap hardware. And to be honest, millions of hotel rooms are vulnerable to this trick.

8.    Passwords Hacking

The movies show that it’s extremely easy to hack a password. The truth is a whole majority of passwords are really horrible. Usually, the common passwords include such combination as “password”, “letmein”, pet’s names, child’s or spouse names, spouse’s birthday, or other obvious data that is easy to get. Make sure your password is a combination of symbols none can guess.

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