What Is the Best Alarm Clock App for iPhone?

Best iPhone Alarm App

If you snooze too much, you need to get your acts together. Unhealthy sleep reduces your productivity, creativity, and life expectancy! An alarm clock app can help you with your sleeping habits and will wake you even if you're the hardest sleepy head. Let’s explore the best free and paid alarm clock apps for your iPhone.

Best Alarm Clock Apps on iPhone


Galarm has a fun approach to waking you up. It can also work as your daily planner, organizer, and collaborative app. It is bursting with features from future alarms and flexible repetition to ring on silent/vibrate. Moreover, you can set group or buddy alarms, and even engage in an alarm chat. You can set the alarm for an upcoming meeting or party and add participants. On the dot, the alarm will go off for all participants. The participant, however, is required to provide their number.

Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD is a multifunctional and customizable alarm app. There are ongoing options for themes, sleep timers, music library sync, and more. The main digital clock features Apple-Watch-like options that show the date/day, current weather, and battery level. Alarm Clock HD also allows you to check out the latest Tweets and news directly from the app. However, this ability is only limited to paid users.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep is a fascinating phenomenon, and understanding it could help you unlock productivity, and creativity, as well as maintain overall health. This app not only monitors your sleep pattern but doubles as an intuitive alarm clock. Sleep Cycle studies your sleep patterns and will wake you up while in your lightest sleep phase. You’ll wake up to it, less groggy than a wild wake-up alarm.

Best Free Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

iOS Clock

iPhone’s native Clock has its limitations, but it works fine as an alarm app. You can also enjoy perks like sleep focus mode if you use the built-in bedtime feature. While you can’t select a custom playlist, you can always connect with Apple Music for a favorite tune or choose one from downloaded songs. However, iOS Clock is not as feature-packed as others; You can’t set custom reminders and alarms don’t auto-delete.


Alarmy understands what exactly heavy sleepers need. You’re not done just by turning off a loud alarm; you’ll have to do a pre-determined activity to silence it. Alarmy wakes your brain and body with some activities like solving a puzzle or typing some quotes. Meanwhile, the alarm gets louder, putting pressure on you. The app has a free wake-up check setting for tenacious sleepers. However, The app shows ads and may share user data with advertisers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an alarm app for iPhone?

Tap Alarm, then tap +. Set the time, then choose the repeat pattern. Give the alarm a name and pick a ringtone. Toggle Snooze on to sleep a bit more. Select Save.

Can I make any song my alarm?

You can easily set your favorite song as an alarm using the Clock app on your iPhone.  After setting the time, tap Sound > Pick a song, and your Library playlist opens to choose from.

Snooze it and lose it. If you have a hard time getting up when you should because your alarm clock is too easy on you, you should try a new app. Get the best alarm clock app based on your needs and habits, use it regularly and watch your productivity, as well as your health, improve.

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