What Is the Best Audiobook App for iPhone?

Best Audiobook App for iPhone

There is no doubt that the best Audiobook App for iPhone is the built-in iBooks app on all Apple devices. This app offers a wide variety of books from different genres and also different languages. Whether you like literature or modern novels, everything is available on iBooks. Moreover, finding new books on iBooks is easy, all you have to do is browse the app or use the search bar to find a specific book.

One downside of iBooks is that even if it is available on every Apple device, the audiobook feature is not available worldwide. This means that only people living in certain countries will have access to audiobooks on iBooks.

However, if it is available in your country, it is the best app to use since it is well-optimized. Furthermore, books are usually narrated by famous people.

Best Audiobook Apps on iPhone


Audible is the audiobook platform of Amazon. It is one of the most famous Audiobook apps for iPhone devices. It is well known because of its wide variety of audiobooks. Some of those books are narrated by famous people. WhisperSync feature allows you to switch between audiobooks and ebooks easily.


Scribd is another audiobook app known for being efficient and enjoyable. With a Scribd subscription, users will have access to an unlimited number of audiobooks to listen to. Just like Audible, Scribd offers a wide range of genres. The app allows you to listen to audiobooks offline on many devices with a single account. One of the main cons of the app is that it is only possible to rent books and not buy them. This means users cannot access them after canceling their subscriptions.


Blinkist is also a good audiobook app for iPhones. It offers books that discuss interesting topics such as psychology, politics, economy, etc… Users can have access to unlimited audiobooks. The application is rather affordable with decent functionality. But the library is a bit limited. Fiction lovers will not find something for them, as the app contains non-fiction only.

Best Free Audiobook Apps for iPhone


If you are on a budget, Librivox is the app for you. It is a famous Audiobook app for iPhone that offers hundreds of free audiobooks. But it should be mentioned that audio quality is not good since audiobooks are recorded by volunteers and not by professionals in a studio.


Spotify is another free audiobook app that is great for iPhone users. With a set of good features, Spotibooks does have many audiobooks available for users to listen to. But there is a con - users will have to listen to ads while listening to an audiobook. Also, download feature is not available. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to transfer audiobook from overdrive to an app?

Here are the steps to complete the transfer:

  1. Connect your device to the overdrive.
  2. Go to the downloaded audiobook you want to transfer.
  3. Click on Transfer.
  4. A transfer wizard will open and you must follow the prompts on the screen and click on Next.
  5. Once the transfer is done click on Finish.

How to download audiobook from Audible on iPhone?

Here are the steps that must be taken on an iOS device:

  1. Sign in to your account on audible.
  2. Go to Library then click on All Titles.
  3. Choose the audiobook you want to download and tap on it.
  4. The audiobook is now downloaded.

In conclusion, all iPhone users have a variety of audiobook apps to choose from depending on their needs, budget, and the genre of books they like to read.

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