What Is the Best Drawing App for iPhone?

Best Drawing App

Although many Apple users use the iPad for creative pursuits such as creating art and drawing, there is actually a range of apps that allow you to be just as creative on your iPhone. Drawing on your iPhone is easy and allows you to create high-quality pieces in the palm of your hand!

Hands down, the best drawing app for iPhone is Procreate Pocket. It has a ton of great features that make it attractive to both professional artists and anyone who dabbles in art as a hobby. Details on this Procreate Pocket as well as other drawing apps will be presented in this article. 

Best Drawing Apps on iPhone

Procreate Pocket App

Procreate Pocket

This app is very popular and is used by many because it is the iPhone version of the much-loved drawing app Procreate. Procreate Pocket offers users a wide range of brushes and each brush comes with 100+ customizable options. In addition, you can even create your own unique brush. A nice advantage of this app is that it supports not only Apple pens but also third-party stylus pens. 

One con for this app is that it was designed specifically for the iPhone X and therefore does not run as smoothly on other models of the iPhone. 

iColorama S App

iColorama S

iColorama S is a great drawing and sketching app, with a very big range of brushes available. In addition, you can import your favorite brushes from Adobe Photoshop and use them in iColorama S. The app also has more than 300 customizable effects, allowing you to edit both drawings and photos. 

Sketch Club

Sketch Club

If you’re looking to share your art and interact with other digital artists, then Sketch Club is great. The app allows you to participate in community competitions, as well as collaborate with other users. Sketch Club offers its users high-resolution and good-quality art, with a wide selection of patterns, filters, and blending modes. 

Best Free Drawing Apps for iPhone

If you’re on a budget, you can create art on your iPhone for free. Here are free drawing apps that are good but lack some of the key features that are available on other apps. 

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is one of the most popular drawing apps available on iPhone, and it’s totally free! With tools like perspective guides, grids, and Predictive Stroke, this app will help you produce professional-looking art. Autodesk SketchBook comes with 190 customizable brush tools.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch features tools and brushes from Photoshop and allows you to send your work, with all the layers included, to Photoshop where you can further edit it. There is no limit on the number of layers you use, in addition, you can add photo layers to your art. However, to make full use of this app, one would have to opt for in-app purchases. 

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is designed with sketching in mind, but it can also be used to create digital drawings and paintings. The app features 20 tools as well as a good selection of customizable brushes. Because the brushes morph slightly according to your movement and angles, your art looks very realistic - almost as if you’ve created it on paper. Once more this app can only be used to its full capacity with in-app purchases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to draw on photos on iPhone?

To draw on photos on your iPhone, start by selecting the photo you want to draw on. Select edit and then click on the Markup button. Select the + button, to be able to add drawings, text and shapes to your photo. Click the done button twice to save your drawing.

Why use drawing apps on iPhone?

Drawing apps allow you to be creative no matter where you are. They usually come with a wide range of brushes that allow you to create unique pieces of art conveniently, anywhere. 

As you can see, there are many options, both paid and free, when it comes to selecting the best app for drawing on your iPhone. Try one of these apps and find out how easy it is to create art on your iPhone. 

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