What is the Best iPhone App for Golf with GPS?

Best Golf App

Golf is one of the most loved sports globally. However, it has evolved over the years with the integration of technology becoming popular. Golfing apps have brought many conveniences which we will discuss in detail in this article.

The best iPhone app for golf is one that contains some key features that are necessary to simplify your gaming experience while assisting you to navigate your way around the golf course. They show the players a clear golf course view and offer other features such as statistics tracking. The app has to be reliable and accurate in its readings. 

Best Golf Apps on iPhone

Golfshot Pro

This is an iPhone-compatible golf app that is highly ranked. It provides users with real-time distances to the center of the green, the back and front, and all hazards on 40000+  golf courses. It recommends clubs for you for high chances of best outcomes. The app offers satellite pictures with zoom and pan capability. Though, Satellite images take a bit of time before they appear. You also get an accurate measurement of the distance to any point on the hole distance from the target point to the center of the green. But the app can drain your batter easily.

SkyDroid - Golf GPS

SkyDroid is a golf GPS app that can track distances from 30000+ golf courses worldwide. It relies on outdated maps for some courses which can lead to inaccurate distance measurements. The app has a decent ability to keep score and track shots and it is pretty secure and easy to use. It should be mentioned, that the app gets better with every update, enhancing its features and support service. 

Golf Logix Plus

This app gives the player a bird’s eye satellite image of each hole. They can determine the distance from the selected point to any point on the satellite image. It has a number of useful statistics that the user can track. It also offers clear satellite images and the ability to determine distance accurately. Though, this app auto-advances within the hole quicker than preferred by most users. 

Best Free Golf Apps for iPhone


SwingU is one of the best free golf apps in the market. It is highly accurate, reliable, and battery-efficient. It has a basic digital scoreboard and keeps track of your handicap. You can download it here. It can struggle to locate you at times and has a lot of pop-up ads.

18Birdies Golf App

The app has a free version and it is powered by Google Maps to provide data for over 35000 golf courses worldwide. This app is loaded with great features to improve your gaming experience. These include a GPS rangefinder and the ability to track stats while keeping a record of your scores. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a golf app work on an iPhone?

Golf apps use the GPS technology found on your iPhone to make your golf experience better. Once you’ve selected and installed the golf app you want to use, you must select a golf course and type in the names of the players. You should then be able to see the satellite view of the course and proceed to measure your shots as well as get the additional statistics you want. 

Are golf apps accurate?

Yes, most of the golf apps are accurate. Factors such as the quality of the GPS capabilities of the phone can also contribute to the accuracy of the golf app. These apps can also be affected by the availability of satellites in an area and this can impact their accuracy. 

By incorporating the use of golf apps in your matches, you will notice a more seamless golfing experience that will save you time and keep you more focused on the game.

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