What Is the Best Music App for iPhone?

Best Music App for iPhone

Music is one of the best ways to reduce stress and elevate your mood. Whether you want to enjoy a good tune in the shower or on your way to work, finding a great music app for your iPhone is one of the best decisions you can make.

The best music app for an iPhone is one that is user-friendly and has an enormous well-organized library filled with music. It is the one that does not constantly disturb your listening experience by bombarding you with many ads.  

Best Music Apps on iPhone

Apple Music App

This is one of the best music apps for your iPhone. It is a great platform with over 100 million songs and it is also ad-free. This app is great and allows you to create your own playlists and also gives you the option to choose a family package where you can add up to 6 users. You can download the app here. With this app, you can stream music and videos ad-free, download music, and listen when you are offline. The UI looks and feels better with available city charts. Unfortunately, Apple Music App doesn't allow search or sort music in playlists and has no free ad-supported option.

YouTube Music Premium

This is also one of the most popular platforms for streaming music and watching live performances. It has a wide range of music libraries with over 80 million songs available. The search engine is good, you can use lyrics to search for songs. There are also different plans to choose from (family, students). But compared to other platforms such as Apple Music, the quality of the sound is not that great. You can download it here.

Tidal Wave

This is another great app for listening to music on your iPhone. Tidal Wave has curated playlists, video content, and great audio quality. It allows users to download music and listen offline with unlimited skips. Tidal’s library has over 60 million songs in addition to podcasts, videos, and live streams. 

Best Free Music Apps for iPhone


Spotify is one of the best free music apps for iPhone with over 80 million songs and 4.7 million podcasts. One thing that makes Spotify ideal for many music lovers is that the app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Because it's free, you will face with constant interruption by adverts that cannot be skipped. It should be also mentioned, that Spotify is unavailable in some countries.


Deezer features numerous playlists, original videos, and CD-quality audio. It is a great platform if you don’t want to spend any money on a music streaming platform. It has many limitations that can hinder a seamless streaming experience. For example, when using the free version on your desktop, you are limited to 30-second snippets and live streams cannot be rewound.



How to set the default music app on iPhone?

  • Ensure your iPhone is running iOS 14.5
  • Ask Siri to play a specific song or album.
  • Siri will ask where you'd like to play that music from, and a list will appear on-screen
  • Choose any music app you wish to use
  • Your audio should start to play from that app and each subsequent request will default to that app

What music app doesn’t need WiFi for iPhone?

Many music streaming apps require WiFi to let you listen to music. However, apps such as Apple Music and Tidal Music allow users to download music while connected to Wi-Fi and listen to this downloaded music when they are offline.

The decision to choose a paid music app for your iPhone or a free one should be based on the overall value and listening experience you are getting.

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